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Dog of the day (20. 05. 2022) - Gloria
Podenca Female, 3 years old, Approximate Height ca. 47 cm

Name: Gloria
Date of birth: 02/09/2018 (determined by the vet)
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 15 kg.
Gender: Female
Breed: Podenca
Location: Albayyasa Animal Shelter

We would like to introduce Gloria to you.

We would love to tell you her story, but the only thing we know are the conditions in which we rescued her....
We received a tip from a nearby village that there was a dog running around (...)

22. November 2021

We were able to send food donations to the protégés in the Ampare and Flix animal shelters via ZooPlus in November 2021.

There are a lot of hungry mouths there (dogs and cats)!

More information is available by clicking on the photo on the left.

21. November 2021

Candela is a sporty bitch who is looking for people.

She was now allowed to come to 79312 Emmendingen, where you are welcome to visit her.
If you are looking for an elegant, pretty companion, you have come to the right place.

You can read everything else if you click on the photo - there are also many pictures and a video to look at.

21. November 2021

Barbie is a cute polar bear mix - presumably a white German shepherd and ChowChow.

She has a sunny nature and it is not easy for her to be disturbed. She is calm and friendly.

Who starts with the furry beauty in a great human-dog team?
Barbie now lives in 79312 Emmendingen and is looking forward to meeting you.

Please just click on Barbie's picture - there is more information, photos and a video to see.

18. November 2021

This year, a lot of people are sure to order their gifts online for their loved ones again.

Would you like animal welfare to benefit a little too?
That wouldn't cost you anything extra - but it brings us a few euros every time.

Simply go to our page on "Help, financial aid" and click on GOODING, WE CAN HELP (many well-known companies) or AMAZON SMILE (here you can find all the products that AMAZON sells with 0.5% for our animals ).

It would be great if you could join us.

The animal friends of Europe say thank you very much.

18. November 2021

Triston is a very people-oriented male who is allowed to come to a foster home in 79263 Simonswald in southern Germany very soon.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in the smart, friendly male.

Just go to his photo and find out more about the great dog.

17. November 2021

Hello, my name is Alfie and I've become a very approachable guy.
I'm still a little cautious, but we can now think of mediation.

What is need is a loving, active home that gives a herding dog pound like me a great home.

An existing first dog wouldn't be a problem either, because I'm very social.

Just click on my photo and find out more about me. You can also come and visit me in 77743 Neuried ...

14. November 2021

Hello fans of hunting dogs!

Badger has received new pictures and a new video. The male looks really great and is just waiting for his humans.

If you want to know more about our Sunnyboy, just click on his picture on the left.

12. November 2021

Tito is probably a mixed breed of beagle, waiting for a nice home in the Reus animal shelter.

Would you like to give our good senior a few more beautiful years? That would be fantastic and then all you have to do is go to the picture to the left of our Tito.

Tito would be so grateful for a warm. loving home.

09. November 2021

Mamba almost had the exit ticket in her pocket, but now the prospective customer has decided against Mamba because the previous visit seems too complicated to her.

It's a shame, because the little mouse would have loved to have had a warm bed before winter, which is also very uncomfortable in Spain.

Who will give Zuckerschnute a warm place so that it can spend Christmas in its new home?

09. November 2021

Hello my name is Rony and I am a dwarf dog who would really appreciate a loving home.

I was simply put in the Perrera of Linares (Resur), where I would certainly not have survived long ...

Fortunately, the Albayyasa team was able to save me from there and after I was made ready to leave, I would love to be your little prince.

How about us Just click on my photo, there will be pictures, a video and lots of information from me.