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Dog of the day (18. 05. 2021) - Junior
Mongrel Male, 4 years old, Approximate Height ca. 58 cm

Name: Junior
Race: Mongrel
Withers: 58 cm
Gender: male, neutered
Estimated weight: 20 -25 kg
Date of birth: estimated 08.03.2017
Mediterranean test pending, result to follow
Residence: REUS Animal Shelter, North Catalonia, Spain.

Here comes the elegant Junior, a great male who was simply overlooked until now!

Along with 5 other siblings, Junior was surrendered to Craig's Shelter (...)


Here comes a little whirlwind with just eight months looking for a new active home.

Zara currently lives on a foster home in 79692 Kleines Wiesental.
Our little witch grows to be medium-sized and bursts with life because she finds everything exciting.

Who would like to give her a home with a lot of free time?
Just click on her photo and find out everything about Zara.

16. Mai 2021

Hello, my name is Bimba and I am a beautiful galga who is waiting for her big chance at a foster home in 79369 Wyhl.

You can find out more about the great bitch if you click on the photo on the left.

Where are the greyhound fans?

16. Mai 2021

Jeny is a Shar Pei mixed breed dog in the very best of years. She would love to find her two-legged friends who can go through thick and thin with her.

Are you interested? Then you can just go to the picture you will find out everything about the girl.

13. Mai 2021

ROS is a great, confident male who currently lives in the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen and is still looking for his dog's happiness.

He's a real buddy who would go through thick and thin with you.

If you're looking for such a great guy, then just go to my picture.

12. Mai 2021

Who has a place available for our Gretel?

She is a herd protection dog hybrid and is looking for a special home with a spacious, fenced property. However, the family connection should not be neglected.

You can find out more about our Gretel by following her photo.

12. Mai 2021

Hello my name is Yiyo and I am a lovely young male who is looking for an active family.

I currently live in 74232 Abstatt and could move in with you soon.

For more information and pictures, just click on my photo on the left.
I would definitely be happy to get to know you guys.

09. Mai 2021

Coloma is a Podenca mixed breed dog who would really appreciate great walks outside in the forest and on the Heidi.
We are looking for nature-loving, sensitive people who like to live in the country for the great bitch.

Well, would Coloma be something? Then just click on the photo on the left and learn more about her.

09. Mai 2021

You are welcome to support our work simply by ordering something online via WE CAN HELP, AMAZON SNMILE or GOODING.

You will not incur any additional costs - only Tierfreunde Europa e. V., which have been recognized as non-profit, get a few percent credited.

Simply go to "Help - Financial Aid" and click on one of the buttons.

05. Mai 2021

Help for dogs from the Perrera in Jaén and the Perrera in Linares
Teresa and her team from Albayyasa were able to save a lot of dogs from the Perrera in Jaén and the Perrera in Linares, but unfortunately they could not save all of them.
The lucky ones among them are all shown when you go to the picture on the left.

Your animal friends Europe

05. Mai 2021

Our little jack of all trades Hugo is simply out of luck ... and so he is still waiting for his big chance at the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen.
We are looking for active people who work consistently with him and who like to attend a good dog school.

You can find out more about our French Bulldog blend by following his photo.