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Dog of the day (07. 06. 2020) - Marina
Mongrel Female, 1 year old, Approximate Height ca. 40 cm

Name: Marina
Born: 19.11.2018
Height: approx. 40 cm
Breed: Mixed breed
Closed: Female

Location: 79346 Endingen

Fortunately, Marina and her puppies were rescued from the cold killing station.
Since the small family was very malnourished and in poor condition, they were taken directly to the vet, who examined them all and watched them for a while.

Marina was taken in wi (...)


Coloma is a Podenca hybrid that would love to find a home.
If you like to move in the great outdoors and are looking for someone to accompany you, the Mausi is the place for you.

05. Juni 2020

Zara is a lovely young Podenca who is still looking for happiness. Who wants to give love and a home to the little bitch?

Please just click on her photo and learn more about her.

03. Juni 2020

Chupete is still looking for his place in the sun - he would love to find his two-legged friends with whom he would love to roam the area.

If you are interested in our Chupete, just click on its photo.

03. Juni 2020

Bella is a great shepherd who already has her transport papers in her pocket - but unfortunately the owner in Spe has canceled.
Now our Bella is still looking for her two-legged friends with family connection.

If you want to know more about the friendly bitch, just go to the picture.

02. Juni 2020

Fifi is a little older doggie who would love to go for short walks with his new family.
Don't you have a mini dog basket for the little darling at home?
You can find out more by clicking on the picture of Fifi.

31. Mai 2020

Hello my name is Venus and I am the perfect companion for people who like to move around a lot.
Who is looking for a companion for exciting walks?

You can visit me in 79263 Simonswald. If you click on the photo, you will learn more about me.

29. Mai 2020

You are welcome to Tierfreunde Europa e. V. by simply clicking on the button under "HELP - Financial Aid" on our website.

They do not incur any costs, but because we are a non-profit organization, we are credited with 0.5% of the sales value.

We all thank you very much - of course also our partner shelters.

29. Mai 2020

Hello, my name is Fito and I am a sovereign Sharpei hybrid who knows exactly what he wants - but that's nothing new for my breed.

Who would like to give me the chance for a great future? Please click on my photo to learn more about me - there are many pictures and a video.

29. Mai 2020

Our Gretel has been waiting for her great opportunity since puppy age ...

In the meantime she has grown up to be a big dog who would love to find a garden and a house with a nice family.

28. Mai 2020

Fiby is a little bitch who is looking for a big heart.

Who wants to give little Mausi a home forever? Simply go to your photo and find out more about our Fiby.