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Animal of the day (04. 12. 2022) - Duquesa
Pyrenean mountain dog mongrel Female, 1 year old, Approximate Height 65 cm

Name: Duquesa
Breed: Pyrenean mountain dog mongrel
Gender: female, neutered
Date of birth: estimated 01.01.2021
Withers: circa 65 cm
Weight: about 27 kg
In the shelter since: 18.07.2022
Whereabouts: Refugio of the animal welfare organization Al-Bayyasa, Baeza, Andalusia (Spain)

Duquesa was confiscated together with Duque by the Guardia Civil, because the two were kept under bad circumsta (...)

21. Oktober 2022

😢AS our unlucky cookie really does not have luck on his side.😢

He was simply abandoned on the highway in Spain. He could not
understand why his master suddenly, after he got out, quickly drove away.
drove away. He ran after him as fast as he could, but the car was faster
and he was alone at the dangerous highway. Many cars passed by, no one took notice of the faithful companion who was lonely waiting for his master.

Now he had a new home in Germany and unfortunately has to move out there again for family reasons. If you want to know more about As and give him a loving home, click on the picture.

28. September 2022

Dear adopters and supporters!

What do we actually do with the monetary donations we receive as an association? Every cent is of course used for animal welfare! Not a single cent goes to our team members, as we all work on a voluntary basis. Animal welfare is a matter of the heart for us and not a source of income!

More about this, if you click on the picture.

16. September 2022

Update 16.09.2022
❤️Maya has found a nice home❤️


my name is MAYA and I am already in Germany on a foster home.

Do you like me? Then just click on the picture and you will learn more about me and my placement.

13. September 2022

❤️ Hello dear animal lovers! ❤️

On 03.09.2022 it was time again. We are super happy, the shelter Flix y Ampare in Mora la Nova and Ribera d'Ebre has received our donations in kind! Besides the tons of food for dogs and cats, this time there were also toys, leashes, wipes, bandages and scratching posts. Every time a dog transport takes place at our place, the truck drives back to Spain empty. We use this opportunity to transport our donations in kind and the numerous donations from our friends of the association for free.

To read more, just click on the picture.

16. August 2022

Update 16.09.2022
❤️Dana has found a nice home❤️

Dana is the big surprise of the transport. On the photos she sold herself far below value - she is a beauty with funny spots and a beautiful doll face. There is no denying that she is a Chi-Bodeguero mix. Dana is very cuddly and has many helpers wrapped around her finger as a result. Currently Dana lives in 79346 Endingen on a foster home.
More about Dana, if you click on the picture.

10. August 2022

Juliana is now on a foster home in Germany and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

Just click on the picture, then you will get more pictures, information about her placement.

03. August 2022

UPDATE from 03.08.2022

❤️Hello dear animal friends! ❤️
We are very touched by the many calls and emails we have received regarding Mali. Together we have made it! The surgery costs have been covered! A big stone fell from Teresa's heart when we told her the good news.
Thanks a million, you guys are the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cat Mali needs our help

Attention! The pictures in the attached appeal for donations show the consequences of accidents!

Animal welfare work is a very tedious job - our dear Teresa can sing a song about that. Often it is a fight against windmills and sad because you can not save all.
Mali, the little sweet kitten was found in a very bad condition by Teresa in a district of Baeza (Andalusia). The little one was one of the countless stray kittens. Many would have simply passed by - but of course not Teresa. Although the shelter and also her home is fully occupied Mali found a place with her.
The kitten is estimated to be 2.5 months old (as of July 2022) and most likely had a car accident. Thereby her eyeballs jumped out of her head Unfortunately, these are no longer salvageable and cause pain to the kitten. At the moment a vet nurse is pawing the little creature, because the operating doctor needs a higher body weight for the upcoming surgery. We have already promised Teresa to contribute to the costs in the amount of 700,00 EUR according to the cost estimate. Would you also like to make a donation?

For more information about this and the possibility to donate, please click on the picture.

01. August 2022

b]Update from 01.08.2022[/b]
MAX has finally found a new home.

UPDATE as of 06/20/2022
Oh no! Sometimes situations happen that you don't expect or plan for - and yet they happen!
Unfortunately, the general conditions in Max's new home have changed, so he now has to go on the search again. Do you still have room in your basket for this beautiful male? We are looking forward to your call!

Click on the picture to learn more about MAX.

27. Juli 2022

Update 27.07.2022
❤️Brenda has found a nice home❤️

😥 BRENDA unfortunately had to pack her suitcase in the last days. 😥

Her owner changes his residence due to work and unfortunately can not take her to the new apartment. With a heavy heart, Brenda must therefore go in search of a home again.

More about BRENDA and her placement, if you click on the picture.

15. Juli 2022

Yesterday it was that time again. A few days ago, a transport of the Animal Friends Europe took place again. We use this chance again to send the many donations in kind from our adopters, supporters and our association to the south. This trip took our dear Lydia to Mora la Nova to the animal shelter CanFlix & Ampare. This time she had to prove strong olfactory nerves, as we loaded lots of chewables. These are cheaper in Germany through our source of supply than in Spain....

Georgina was very happy and sent us this mail:

To read the message, just click on the picture.

11. Juli 2022

Dear animal friends!

We and also our Spanish partner animal shelters want to thank you for your loyalty! Our common commitment has many faces: Be it in the form of adoption of a faithful companion, sponsorships, support at the transport day, maintenance of the homepage / social media or even donations in kind!

For each transport, the vehicle drives back to Spain empty - our chance to provide our hardworking animal guardian angels in Spain with needed dog supplies as well as materials for the animal shelters. Of course, all donations in kind are forwarded 1:1. Each delivery is a "little Christmas" for the recipient shelter.
In June, the donations in kind went to Baeza (Andalusia) to the animal welfare organization Al-Bayyasa.

Loyal companions donated so much that our transporter Lydia had to drive twice. Teresa, the shelter director was very happy and thanked us from the bottom of her heart. Of course she also sent us the obligatory photos - and maybe one or the other recognizes his donation! ;)

We would be happy if the commitment continues to be so great.
Can you imagine to help?

If you click on the picture, you will see more pictures of the donations.

13. Juni 2022

UPDATE from 13.06.2022

ULISES has developed into a magnificent dog.

If you like him, just click on the picture and you will learn more about him. There are also new pictures and videos.

Maybe he will find a nice home soon.

12. Juni 2022

Dear members,
dear adopters,
dear interested parties,

today 12.06.2022 is the day of the dog. To be honest, for us every day is a day of the dog!

We are committed every day to find new homes for dogs and of course cats from animal welfare.
All necessary permits to support our Spanish animal welfare friends are of course available. Right now we are full of energy to organize a transport, which will arrive at the beginning of July.

We invite you to visit our homepage diligently or to leave a Like on our Facebook page. Almost every day we advertise new dogs and cats looking for a home.

Have you already adopted an animal from us? Experience shows that the best inquiries come from friends and acquaintances of our previous adopters. That's why we are even happier when you share your experiences with others!

Thank you very much for your support and the great moments you shared with us,

Your team of Tierfreunde Europa e.V.

09. Juni 2022



Our animal guardian angel Teresa from Spain came to us yesterday with a big request:

A few days ago 7 puppies had to be brought to the animal hospital. They got sick with a very contagious virus, the parvovirus. Unfortunately, one puppy died immediately after admission. The remaining puppies are not doing very well. They are still undergoing treatment and some are fighting for their lives.

Parvovirus is highly contagious and is characterized by high fluid loss (extreme diarrhea) and high fever. If not treated or treated too late, it can be fatal, especially for immunocompromised puppies.

The hospital stay costs so far for all 7 puppies according to the vet about 1.700,00 Euro.

Enormous costs for Teresa, but also for us!

Please support Teresa in her great animal welfare work and contribute a donation. No matter how much, every amount will be forwarded 1:1 to Teresa's animal shelter Al-Bayyasa and helps! 🙏🙏🙏

We would like to thank you... on behalf of Teresa and all her poor paws that are currently on the drip!

Donation account:
Tierfreunde Europa e.V.
IBAN: DE83 6001 0070 0969 1397 09

Please note, if you donate to the account of Tierfreunde Europa e.V., you can use the account statement as proof to claim the donation from the tax office.

For donations over 200,00 Euro we will gladly issue a donation receipt. Of course, we immediately forward the donations received.

27. Mai 2022

🥰UPDATE 27.05.2022🥰

DENVER has a new home

😢DENVER dogged by bad luck😢

UPDATE 05/16/2022
Unfortunately, the mistress of Denver reacts extremely allergic to him. Also the allergist of the mistress can unfortunately not give good hopes, because it is the strongest expression and the chances of success of a treatment are zero. Denver has done nothing wrong and has already settled in very well, even with the already existing dogs. Therefore we are looking for a new "best home in the world" for Denver. Gladly he can be visited in his home in 71686 Remseck am Neckar.

More about DENVER, if you click on the picture.