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Dog of the day (01. 03. 2021) - Shira
Mongrel Female, 3 years old, Approximate Height 58 cm

First name: Shira
Birthdate: 02-02-2018
Weight: 38kg
Height: 58cm
Race: mestiza
Sex: hembra
It is in the protective

Shira was rescued from resur by the protective Albayyasa due to a call from the same, about the dogs that were more urgent to remove them from their facilities.
How could it be otherwise, Albayyasa came to his rescue and was taken with his partner Gala the same day, giving (...)


Hera is a beautiful galga from Spain who are looking for a loving home.
Hera already knows a household and gets along well with people and other dogs.

Just click on Hera's picture and find out more about the great bitch.

27. Februar 2021

Pancho is the soul of a dog, but unfortunately a bit older ...
But oldies in particular are so friendly, loving and soooo grateful!
If you had a place free for our Pancho, we would be very happy.

Just click on his photo and find out more about the loving male.

25. Februar 2021

Our Ronda was simply "disposed of" in the municipal perrera RESUR.
Teresa and her great team from the Spanish animal welfare association "Albayyasa" saved the bitch and now hope that someone will get in touch who would like to take in the somewhat reluctant bitch.

If you look into Ronda's eyes, you will certainly only see friendliness and a little shyness, which will quickly turn into reliability and loyalty in loving people.
You can find out more about the bitch by clicking on her photo.

25. Februar 2021

Akil is Ronda's son and was brought to the Perrera to be killed along with Anubis and Donkor.
Anubis and his two brothers inherited the more submissive nature of their mother and they were still involved in the kill - two factors that made them fearful dogs.

Who would like to help Akil or one of his brothers in a fear-free life?
Please click the photo to learn more about Akil.

24. Februar 2021

Thank you very much

We would like to thank you very much for your great sympathy for the fate of Yim.
We would especially like to thank Yim for the great willingness to donate. To this day, 1460 € have come together.
You can see the list of donations by clicking on the comic photo.
The animal lovers at Alcala la Real also waive the agency fee - many thanks to Carmen and her team.

Yim survived the operation very well and now has to prove himself patiently at his foster home in Grenzach-Whylen, which is not exactly easy for him - he would love to jump on the sofa, which he is not allowed to do now.
now it takes a lot of rest for the new joint to grow in.
You can also see pictures after the operation if you look at the picture.

24. Februar 2021

Hello, my name is Bruno and I am an absolute dream: cuddly, confident, playful and very friendly.

You are welcome to visit me at the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen and believe me: It is definitely worth getting to know me, because I am a very special male who is also wrapping the ladies around the dog's paw!

Information, lots of pictures and videos are available if you click on my photo on the left.

23. Februar 2021

Our Kelly is a little bitch who lives in 79346 Endingen and can be visited there under corona regulations by arrangement.

Just click on the photo and find out more about the friendly dog.

21. Februar 2021

So now Dakota's puppies are all on our website and would be happy to have a new home after leaving the killing behind them.

These are Nora, Ron, Sia, Dobby and Hobbo (who is on the left in the picture).
Just click on the respective picture to find out more.

20. Februar 2021

Dakota is a Shar Pei female who was rescued from the killing of RESUR by Teresa and her team with her pups.

If you want to give the friendly dog ​​a nice home, just click on her photo.

18. Februar 2021

Our young Malinois bitch Sophie came to Mirela with a handicap of the front paw.
In the meantime, she has been operated on in Romania and will probably be able to lead a largely normal life.

However, it will not be enough for dog sports - but nothing stands in the way of long walks.
If you want to know more about the pretty bitch, just click on the photo on the left.