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Dog of the day (05. 08. 2020) - Edward
Mongrel Male, 2 years old, Approximate Height ca. 48 cm

Name: Edward
Born: 09.08.2018
Size: about 48 cm
Breed: mixed breed
Closed: male
Castrated: Yes

Edward and his brothers All and Freddy were abandoned together in a box just outside the Apariv shelter. The three of them were just six weeks old.
For a couple of months they lived with a foster family that looked after the puppies.

After Edward and his brothers had developed very well, they (...)


Mimi did it: she was successfully operated on and is alive again.

As always, we have shown all donations transparently under Reports / Successes.
The team from Albayyasa and especially Mimi would like to thank them very much.
Now the little mini mouse only needs a chic home!


Moncho is a bit out of shape - but otherwise he is a warm and very happy little dog.
The surplus pounds can certainly be quickly removed on walks.
Moncho would be very happy about exciting walks.

03. August 2020

Cristal is a pretty and very tolerable Labrador mixed breed who is waiting for a new home in the animal shelter of 79312 Emmendingen.

If you are looking for a very friendly companion, just go to her photo on the left.

01. August 2020

Hello, my name is TUC and I am a great breed of German Shepherd who
is looking for his two-legged friends.
I would love to accompany you on exciting walks.

If you are interested, just go to my photo on the left.

31. Juli 2020

If you want to help animal friends Europe with an indirect donation, you can also order something online from AMAZON.

Simply use the button under Help / Financial help on our website: "Smile Amazon".

This does not cost the customer a cent - but we benefit from 0.5% of the sales value because we are a recognized and non-profit organization.
Many thanks to all of our charges.

30. Juli 2020

Our Negrito was now allowed to come to the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen, where you can also visit him.

He shows himself there as a friendly, playful, cheerful nature.
He would surely make his people happy.
So if you are looking for an uncomplicated companion who will walk you through thick and thin, just go to his picture on the left.

27. Juli 2020

Frederick was once supposed to lose his life in the killing of RESUR. Today is a spin-living male who would be very happy about his new family.

Who gives him a chance? Please click on the photo.

27. Juli 2020

Jessica should also be a victim of RESUR. Teresa and her team were just able to save her and now we are looking for a loving home for Jessica where she can grow old.

Did you like the bitch? Then just click on your photo.

24. Juli 2020

With her animal protection organization Albayyasa, Teresa was again able to save six dogs from RESUR (Perrera in Linares) from certain death, because the killing is packed ...

Teresa always emphasizes that this is only possible because they are a great team behind them that everyone loves animals too.

More information is available by clicking on the RESUR photo on the left.

24. Juli 2020

Our Aston was also killed by RESUR and now the great male is just waiting for his exit ticket!

His wounds have all healed and he could now start his resi in a new happy dog ​​life ...