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Dog of the day (31. 03. 2020) - Aluba
Labrador Mongrel Female, 1 year old, Approximate Height 55 cm

Name: Aluba
Date of birth: 02.12.2018
Shoulder height: approx. 55 cm
Breed: Labrador mixed breed
Gender Female
Location: Spain, Baeza, animal shelter Al-Bayyasa

This pretty dog ​​girl is called Aluba. It was very hot when Aluba ran through the streets looking for something to eat. Apparently she had been abandoned. Maybe the owners were tired of her, maybe she'd had her day a (...)


Anton is a large male who is reserved with strangers and is looking for a loving home.

If you live in a rural area and would like to take our Anton, just click on his photo on the left and you can learn everything about our good boy.

29. März 2020

Erik is a kind dog who deserves a big family. You are welcome to click on his photo on the left to find out more about him.
Muchas gracias!

29. März 2020

Here comes Loa, a little sunshine from Baeza that has unfortunately been overlooked so far - but it would surely be a great addition to your human community.
You can find out more about the mouse by clicking on Loa's photo.

28. März 2020

Dear animal friends,
You are also welcome to support us via "We can help". It won't cost you a cent more, but we will be credited with 1 - 2% with every purchase.
A total of 6,038 shops are currently participating - you can find out everything by clicking on the image on the left.

28. März 2020

Hello my name is Yerba and I am a greyhound beauty who is doing really well now.
Unfortunately, that wasn't always the case ... Just click on my photo and take a look for yourself.

27. März 2020

Walli is a small older male who is looking for a new home.
Anyone who has given dog seniors a chance knows how loving and grateful they are.

Please give Walli this great opportunity! If you go to Walli´s photo, there are more pictures and information.

26. März 2020

Hello my name is Laika and I am a hearty puppy child who is waiting for his family. With me, my sisters Dulce and Heidi are waiting for their new chance. They can also be found on the Animal Friends Europe website.

If you are looking for a funny puppy girl, you have come to the right place. Just click on my photo and take a look at Heidi and Dulce.

24. März 2020

Dear animal friends,
Our Pablo and his team again made many donations to Baeza.
You can view more and many pictures by clicking on the photo.

23. März 2020

Hello my name is Timba and I am a friendly young dog (almost a baby dog) who is looking for his family.
If you are looking for an active companion, Timba is the right place for you.
You can find out more about the little sunshine by clicking on Timba's photo.

21. März 2020

Rocky, when he grows up, will surely become a really great male who would go through thick and thin with his people.
If you are interested in a dream young dog, just click on its photo.