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Personal Reports

08. Februar 2023

Hello dear ones!
Casper is now called NINO. He is only 1 1/2 weeks in his new home, but since it is already going so great, we report directly already to you.

Already after a few days it was as if he had always been there. The first 2 days it was understandably a bit strange for him to live inside and to be outside only for walking. But the advantages - especially that of a warm and soft place all to himself - he has recognized very quickly and immediately on the first day every conceivable position and position tested and savored 😀 He is a very affectionate dog, when I greet him in the morning after getting up, he stretches joyfully his belly to crawl or presses against me and cleans me in parallel 😊

His former fosters in Spain described him perfectly, he is a gentle sweetheart who just wants to belong, never puts himself in the foreground, is very smart, super compatible with conspecifics while avoiding trouble.

With his character he has already conquered by storm the hearts of all who met him in the new home and made new friends ❤.
He is a model boy and now after just 1 1/2 weeks already fully arrived in the new life - ride a cargo bike, weigh at the vet, with in a cafe, etc.. - everything like an old hand.

Despite his still existing overweight he marches happily already larger rounds, so that the pounds will fall as if by itself - and the snoring probably also a few decibels quieter ... 🤣🙈🙉 At the latest with a few kilos less but even more energy and zest for life we will contact you again with new pictures.

Many greetings

06. Februar 2023

Dear Mrs. Thoma,

on 27.01.2023 I have left you, the shelter and Andalusia to meet my new family in Germany.
Of course it was hard for me to leave there, because they always took care of me with love and care.

After about 20 hours drive it was then so far and I arrived, a little tired but happy, in Endingen and was already very curious about my new family, who opens the cans for me and plays with me.
Of course, my new masters were already waiting for me at your house and were excited and curious to see what kind of rascal enters your life.

So I must say that all of the animal friends Europe e.V., when I left the transporter there, were enthusiastic about me
and I left there directly a positive impression.
You, Mrs. Thoma, and your helpers were apparently unanimous about how cute I am in nature 😊.
Well, I first let my charm play and laid down directly on the floor and let me cuddle.
You had not expected 😊.

Shortly thereafter, I was allowed to meet my new masters and what can I say, they were also blown away by me.
One of my masters had, even if he does not want to admit it, tears in his eyes which he did not show, but I could see.
My other master was also thrilled by me and so we then, after all formalities have been completed and photos have been taken, together on the way back to my new home.
Most of the time I probably slept through it.

After we arrived and walked around the block, I first looked a bit skeptical where I am at all. My can openers first showed me the apartment, my new home, in peace.
Here everything was prepared for me, I have two fluffy sleeping places, toys and also my dining area was already prepared.
I must say that I liked that already times well and I knew it can only get better.

In the last days we explored the area together, so I know where I can run my rounds and do my daily business.
I am also not as tired as the first days after the arrival, although I still sleep a lot, but I also like to cuddle and snuggle with them on the couch or in the armchair.
Slowly I become more active and start to play and romp with them. Day by day I learn also a little bit more and my education goes, even if at the moment still in small steps, ahead.

Since I am a bright little guy, I find the sleeping places already great, but have found that it is much nicer to sleep in bed with the two and now we sleep there in threes. I just decided that way.

That was a short update from me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, your love for animals and your big heart for animals.

Stay healthy and save many more of my friends, so that they also get a great home like I got it.

Gladly I will contact you again in the near future, but until then ......

......... first of all love greetings from Gladbeck

09. November 2022

In the meantime Hana has been with us for 2 months and we can only say that she is a real sweetheart. She fits super into the family and slowly mastered the basic commands firmly. She can walk without other dogs without a leash and also with known dogs this is no problem.

The one or other track lures her still, however, we practice daily, so that she also masters this soon with bravura. She is open-minded and joyful towards other dogs, unfortunately she (and we) do not always understand that others are afraid of her. Unfortunately, the good soul has to prove herself first. At home she stays alone for several hours, increasingly, without chewing rage ;).

When we are together at home, she is always where we are and loves to lie lazily on the sofa with lots of cuddles and kisses. All around a rough diamond that with a little polish becomes an absolute dream dog. We can not imagine to be without her.

Love, Michelle with Hana

13. Februar 2022

Hello, it's me, CARLOTTA , formerly MOKA . Wanted to send you a short report on how I've been doing since August 2021 in my new home 🏡 .

Since my mistress could not pick me up personally, a very nice man was assigned to bring me home by car, that worked out great, thanks again for that !!!!

Also many thanks for the great communication in the run-up to my adoption and the patient answering of at least a thousand questions with which my mistress pestered you, dear Mrs. Thoma, you really did a great job. In general, the whole adoption process has worked flawlessly, very, very good job has done the association here, thank you !!!! 😘🥰

I felt at home from the first moment in my new home 🏡 with my dog buddies DANILO , FERNANDO and SAMBUCO and my tomcat buddy MERLIN, and first I ran happily with all through the garden. It was good after the long journey.

My mistress says, I am just as a hearty sunshine 🌞 as described on the page of the club. She saw me and immediately fell in love with me ! 💞 After a few days I really thawed out and turned out to be a little super loving whirlwind. I play with my buddies and with my mistress's foster kids every day, I'm always sweet to them and to all people and animals in general.

When we go for a walk, I don't come back quite reliably yet, I'm only allowed to run free far away from cars without a leash, but we're working on it.

I'm pretty greedy, says my mistress, but I do not find that at all ! 😂
In the beginning I broke a few things, but my mistress says she loves me anyway, that's what the dog buddies did in the beginning. Well, I'm lucky ! 🍀

Oh, by the way, my mistress has dogs for 25 years 🐕, but I am the first and only one who is allowed to sleep with her in the Heia bed on a blanket. So that I do not freeze, she says. Yes, yes, surely I may only because I am sooo small and sooo sweet and sooo cute and good ! 😉

Tomorrow I celebrate already my 3rd birthday 🎈, there is coffee ☕️ and cake 🎂 and dog cookies for us Wuffels !

So that's it for now, I'm hungry again ! 🍛

Be all very warm 💗 greetings from your happy CARLOTTA 🐶 🐾🐾🐾🐾

27. November 2021

Hello Mrs. Thoma,

on 25.09.21 we picked up our Lia in Endingen. We already have two dogs, but when I discovered Lia (the name fits so well to the mouse) in the animal agency page, it was all about me. It was love at first sight and you can really say that. We, my family and I and Lia, we have found each other. At the takeover on 25.09.21, when I was allowed to hold her in my arms for the first time, tears of emotion came to my eyes.
I had simply packed a safety harness from my dogs and a leash and lo and behold it all fit her perfectly as if made for her. The whole ride she was super sweet and snuggled in the back seat next to me. At home she inspected the garden and was introduced to our other two dogs and everything went smoothly, as if she had always been with us. I have already taken over shelter dogs from various organizations, but I must give them Mrs. Thoma and her association a very big praise on this way.
Lia was very well groomed and socialized at the handover, which impressed me very much. Also the handover was relaxed and well organized.
You get to know other dog owners and get into conversation, because we are all waiting together for our protégés.

Still to Lia, she has taken over the bed and our couch and likes to snuggle up in a warm blanket and enjoys it finally to belong to a family.
With our Moki (a 2 year old Havanese, also from the animal protection) she haunts through the forest and the meadows and runs around the garden and house together with him. They are a super team.

Again many thanks for the good mediation

Alexandra Heidler with Raiin, Simok and Lia

22. November 2021

Hello Mrs Hübner,

the first interim report from Lucy.

She arrived very well. The car journey was no problem at all, she was very relaxed. At home, she inspected every room carefully.

She is an absolute cuddler. As soon as you sit somewhere, she comes onto your lap.
The nights are great; she sleeps through the night. Well, it's also cosy in bed 😊.

She also gets along with the other dogs in the house. The other people in the house love her. Everyone just wants to pet her and cuddle her. And Lucy enjoys it; she is super friendly with everyone.
The walks are also great. No problems at all! Next Sunday she has to (may) go to dog school for the first time. I'm curious to see how that goes.

We took her shopping with us. Since she is not allowed in grocery shops, she had to wait in the car. She cuddled up and slept. She was still lying like that when we came back.
She is our big sunshine!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Lea that she will find a home quickly.

Many greetings

The Lasch family

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02. November 2021

Hello :)
on 13.2.21 our Bounty came to us.
It seems to me as if she has always been with us.

She is a darling of gold. Cheeky like Oskar and yet like sugar.

She is very skittish about loud noises and often sees a ghost in a tree that has been standing in the same spot for ages. But we are diligently practicing so that she masters all situations in everyday life well.

She wants to play with everything that has 4 legs, whether it is a bunny, a cat or a turtle.
Which could become a problem for us outside.
But we are also working on it with a lot of heart and regularly visit the dog school and participate in various courses.

Bounty has enriched our lives so much and we couldn't imagine it without her.

With her you have a funny bundle of energy at your side and also a cuddly mouse who hogs our sofa.

I am very happy that we can give her a great dog's life, and I am grateful for the smooth process of mediation and the time that Sabrina Cuviello has taken for questions, even now regular contact can be kept.

Thank you to your team for making it possible for so many dogs to find a nice home.

And who knows, maybe Bounty will get another friend someday, when she has mastered the dog 1×1.

Many love greetings
Sabrina and Bounty

26. Oktober 2021

Hello folks,

It's me, little Milo, from Spain.
When I arrived in Germany at the end of 2020, I was a poor little sausage.
sausage. New country, different language and also different air. Me
I was taken over by a German couple. At first I was very sceptical and my mistress had a lot of problems with me. A lot of time passed before she could put a collar on me. Some friends advised my mistress to
to give me back, that I was the wrong dog for her, but my sweetheart
said: "You are much too impatient. I didn't order a piece of clothing,
but a living being - Milo stays!

I, Milo, was already about 6 years old, and it's not easy to change someone my age.
I didn't like my owner at all in the beginning, because I was probably abused by men in my old home. Among other things, I was hit by a car on my right hind foot. It is also thought that some of my tendons and cartilage have been affected, but thanks to my new owners I now have gold wire implants - it's like permanent acupuncture.
I'm also currently on Rhus Tox and frankincense, which is good for the joints and prevents inflammation. Since then I feel more and more fantastic every day! In the meantime, I also find my master quite OK. In the beginning, I always looked at him as if I was about to eat him. Today I'm happy when he comes home (when I'm in a good mood).

What do you learn from this? Love and patience and then everything will be fine. Now I know what a good life is - I have won the lottery, I am out in the woods and meadows a lot. I am taken everywhere, be it to friends, relatives or on excursions. And my meals are delicious.

Everyone loves me and, guys, I have a garden too!
I hope that many of my buddies will be as lucky as I am!

With this in mind,
Yours, Milo!

Note: if you go to the photo on the top left, you can scroll down and see more pictures in my home of me.

22. Oktober 2021

Hello dear Mrs. Hübner!

It's me - Lilly! I arrive slowly in my new home and feel pudelwohl! I show my new mom already full of confidence my belly and let me cuddle!
Mom says I'm the best behaved dog in the world - I've never barked and I've never missed anything despite my tummy ache and diarrhea!
But we also go for a 10km walk every day, which I love! When I am at home, my favorite place is with my master and mistress on the sofa!
Meanwhile I even live here officially and proudly wear my first tax stamp on my collar :)

Give paw once
Your Lilly

PS: soon I will go to dog school!
Note: If you click on Lilly's picture, you will also get photos in her new home.

18. Oktober 2021

Dear Mrs. Thoma,

here comes the promised report about our Tito (formerly Alex).
Tito has been with us for ten weeks now and has completely turned our lives upside down since August 7th. The time of getting to know him was super exciting for the three of us. In the beginning we reached our nervous limits (which is surely normal) but in the meantime Tito has grown so close to our hearts that we can't imagine life without him. It is so much fun to see the progress Tito has made since he has been here. In the beginning he could hardly find peace in the evenings, but this has improved a lot in the meantime. He already knows some commands and is very well oriented to us on walks. During dog encounters he is totally relaxed and even car rides have become less stressful for him. Of course, there are still a few small issues that we are working on with a dog trainer. For Tito there is nothing better than to run over a big meadow and to let his energy run free. On his usual routes through nature he loves to sniff out the surroundings on a long drag line. He is just such a lovable little guy and knows exactly what he wants... and what not. :-)
He is still very insecure in new situations and gives many scary people or noises a wide berth, but we are working on that too. When we have visitors, they always think he is great because he is so well behaved and calm. He has already secured a place in the hearts of many people who have met him. Of course, he also has a lot of nonsense in his head and is always happy when he manages to steal a shoe. With his funny nature he makes us laugh so often and it is nice how we get to know each other better and better and grow together.
Thank you again for the mediation and the smooth handling on the day of transport in Emmendingen. The long journey was so worth it!

Many greetings from
Christina, Arthur and Tito

11. Oktober 2021

Dear Mrs. Thoma,
now our dear Jimena (now Lotte) is already 2 weeks with us. She is so adorable and we can't imagine life without her. Lotte gets along very well with our children. She especially loves to run around the garden with our little son. She is so fixated on us that she is super retrievable. So yesterday we could let her run without a leash for the first time. That worked out great. She is learning incredibly fast and has already mastered the basic commands. We would like to thank you again and all the volunteers for their work! We were amazed at how calm and relaxed the dogs were when they arrived. At first we thought that our long drive home of 7 hours would be a bit stressful for all of us, but this was not confirmed at all. Lotte visibly coped well with the journey in the van, as car journeys are no problem for her. We
are glad to have decided again for an animal protection dog and hope very much that many more dogs will find a new life in a family. Best regards and see you soon!😊

05. Oktober 2021

Hello Mrs. Thoma,

Please find enclosed a current picture of Luni (now Holly Golightly) as well as a description for your homepage.

Luni has quickly settled into her new home in Frankfurt and is now exploring the world from here. She is an incredibly fine and sweet, yet extremely shrewd dog, who has already conquered a central place in the hearts of the whole family. In typical young dog fashion, she alternates long cuddle breaks with "crazy 5 minutes" in which she romps and plays in the garden. Meanwhile she already goes to the dog school, where she learns how to deal with other dogs.

We would like to thank the "Tierfreunde Europa" for their excellent work. When we picked her up, we were impressed (as we were throughout the entire placement process) by how professionally and lovingly the dogs were handled: No dog seemed particularly stressed and the dogs were able to get used to their new owners in peace in the garden of the club. We are especially happy that their two siblings Jimena and Edy have also already found a new home. Many thanks also for that.

Greetings AP

29. August 2021

Hello Mrs Hübner,

Balu (Hulk) has been with us for three weeks now. It seems to us
much longer.
He survived the journey to the far north well, but was happy when we finally arrived in Hamburg in the evening.

He approached everyone (people and dogs) openly right from the start and charmed everyone with his manner.
Living together with our bitch is also going well. Now and then he gets an announcement from her, but most of the time they play and romp together.

Outside he is very well behaved and walks well on the leash.
Dog encounters are no problem. We don't always agree on what is allowed in the house and what is not. But even that is getting better every day.

We get encouragement from all sides and the statement that he can be happy to have found such a home. But we see it the other way round: We can be happy to have found a dog like Balu!

Many greetings,
Marieke, Till, Anke and Markus with Lotta and Balu

Note: If you look at the picture of Balu you will also get an impression of his new great home.

23. August 2021

Dear Mrs Hübner,

I am sending you a short report about Kira, which you are welcome to publish:

Finally, the long-awaited 7th of August had arrived and with it my first meeting with Kira.

After a quick and uncomplicated registration at the pick-up point, it was time to wait for the transport from Spain.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the club members who unloaded the dogs so lovingly and without stress.

Many helping hands were there to put the collars on the dogs and to adjust the safety harnesses and fear dogs were treated separately. The whole atmosphere was friendly and loving.

I particularly liked the fact that the area where the dogs were unloaded was escape-proof, so you could be carefree.

There was also a meadow where my dear Kira could first of all relieve herself by taking a pee.

Then we set off on the three-hour drive home, I was worried how Kira would cope, but she managed it without any problems and to my surprise, she was able to go home.

but she coped without any problems and to my great joy she got used to me so much during the drive that she was so close to me,
she joined me as soon as we arrived home.

Kira is a wonderful dog, from the very beginning she was eager to learn all the routines in our family and to understand everything that goes on here.

She has a strong will to please and follows beautifully.

After the two weeks she has been here, we can't imagine life without Kira.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Teresa Cabezas and her team of volunteers who so lovingly cared for Kira while she was in the refugio in Baeza.

while she was in Baeza at the Refugio.

You can see the loving treatment she has received.

We are in loose contact and I know how happy everyone is that she has found a lovely home.

The description of Kira we got is really true, she is the dream dog, the sweetheart as she was described.

It is wonderful that there are people who put so much heart into animal welfare as Mrs. Hübner and her colleagues in Germany and Spain do.

Germany and Spain and it is definitely worth giving the "Spaniards" a chance.

Kira is already my second dog who has been in a killing station and I believe that dogs who have survived this experience unscathed are really very resilient.

are very resilient and therefore easy to take care of.

The love and gratitude of my "Spaniards" is immeasurable and it is just wonderful to see how much the dogs enjoy their new life.

enjoy their new life.

Thank you to everyone who brought Kira to me, including the two Spanish drivers!!!

21. August 2021

Dear Ms Hübner,
Dear Mrs. Schüssler and colleagues,

It has been almost two weeks since Jeny, who we call Leni, moved in with us. We are very happy every day that she is with us.
In the first few days she was very excited and a bit restless. This is now getting less and less every day. She enjoys every stroke and she gets lots of them. Of course she also enjoys her walks. The recall works very well. When no one is in sight, we romp with her in the meadow. I don't know who enjoys it more, Leni or us :-)
She is absolutely fond of children. We are just teaching our little daughter to say "no" to her. Because Leni is always licking her. But in the morning our little one climbs out of bed and the first place she goes is to the dog bed. There she gives Leni kisses.
We are overjoyed to have Leni in our family. We are happy for our daughter that she can grow up with this fine dog soul by her side.
We say THANK YOU and will report again.
Kind regards
Family Bendixen

Note: If you go to the photo, you will also get more pictures in the new home of Leni (formerly Jeny).

11. August 2021

Hello together,

On Friday 13.8. it is exactly 6 months when I was allowed to pick up Nala. We have sooo much fun with each other. And even in dreary rainy weather, Nala full of energy always made me laugh and every day we still discover something new together. I am so very grateful to you that you made it possible and I found Nala through your efforts.

Great job what you bring full. 😊😊😊

a very big thank you.

If you click on Nala's picture you will also get pictures in her current environment.

25. Juli 2021

Dear Bettina,

On 25.07.2020 we picked up our sunshine Bowie from you. Thanks to the loving foster mum Maria in Spain, Bowie came to us as a dog who approaches everyone openly - regardless of whether he has four or two legs.
Bowie has developed from a playful puppy into a great young dog who, thanks to the lessons at the dog school, usually hears very well and we can go for walks in the woods and fields without a lead. With his friends Wilma (German Wirehaired) and Saschka (also from Spain) we often meet for walks.
Although he is only 35 cm tall, he can easily keep up with them in a sprint duel.

He still doesn't like driving, but it's much better than the first few weeks.
Bowie is simply a ray of sunshine and we have taken him firmly into our hearts.

Many thanks for the placement
Many kind regards, Doris

15. Juli 2021

Hello dear Ute,

Diego (formerly Tyson) has been with us for two months now and he is really developing splendidly! He is a real sweetheart. Diego loves to cuddle, he also likes to just sit on your lap, it almost can't be enough body contact for him. On clear field paths he runs without a leash and has the fun of his life. Even walking on the lead works really well, he doesn't pull at all and always walks with us in a very relaxed way.

We train him diligently when we go for walks and the recall training always works with the right treats. He was even able to resist the field hares running away and came directly when called back! He is totally open-minded and friendly towards other dogs, even when the other dog is terrorising him on the leash, Diego remains calm.
At the beginning he was unsure about foreign situations like driving a car or the garage door, but with a little patience and practice he got used to them very quickly and is now an everyday dog.

The first 4 weeks we had to lure him into the house with treats because he didn't dare to come in on his own, now he pushes the garden door open and walks into the living room as if he had never done it any other way. We are very happy about such progress. He is a bit more suspicious and reserved towards men, but when he realises that they don't mean him any harm, he likes to be cuddled by them.
Otherwise he is a very open-minded dog and learns very quickly.

We are really happy that he is with us, we have a lot of fun with him and we are looking forward to seeing how he will develop with us!

Best regards

PS: If you click on Tyson's picture, you will also get nice pictures of his new home.

20. Juni 2021

Hello together,

my name is Hugo and I have found my" forever home"! :-)
After Dominik (my new owner) and I got to know each other and he took me in shortly afterwards, a lot has happened in my little world.

I'm no longer in a kennel and I'm constantly being cuddled and walked by other people. Now it's always the same boring guy - or every now and then his mum, who I've already got wrapped around my finger - at the other end of the lead. But: he has taught me wonderfully not to rush forward like a madman, but to walk beside him in a well-behaved way. I still don't like it when other dogs come towards us, but here too we have found some "foreign" training partners with whom we practise regularly. My master says that for a former street dog I am doing PERFECT!

In addition, I'm almost a pro at the little dog 101 and already do "sit", "down", "stay" very well and can stop at the kerb 80% of the time, even if dad jumps into the street. Even the recall on the lead or off the lead works quite well, but dad always says I get distracted easily by other people or dogs, so we still have to work on that. I just love to train, romp and cuddle with him. Master says in a few weeks the training will definitely pay off!

I am also almost house trained. Yes, I must have marked my new territory when I arrived here, and yes, after that I must have had 2 mishaps, because my master really wanted to test whether I was already reasonably clean. It's my own fault, that's all I can say!

I can only say that my new family does me a lot of good! I'm happy to be here and I show it in my sleeping poses, my playfulness and my willingness to learn! Here are a few more pictures of me, as you can see I feel very much at home as a Bulldog mix! :-)

See you soon, or better not. Thank you for everything, dear shelter - but here I stay.

Your Hugo

New pictures of Hugo's home are also available if you click on his photo.

13. Juni 2021

Dear animal friends Europe,
dear Claudia, dear Michael!

PEIG has meanwhile become PUKKI - it's a good thing whether the name change now indicates his increased self-confidence is an open question ...

In any case, the shy little guy has developed splendidly.
Yes, definitely "physically" too, because there has already been a slight increase in weight ... But eating is his great passion (certainly due to the many hardships in the past), and he can do something with every leaf of lettuce "to begin"!

Of course he was shy and reserved in the beginning, but he benefited a lot from the presence of the other confident dog buddies and was guided by them.

His playmate is encouraged to play challengingly.

At the beginning he was not very comfortable going for a walk and especially leashed - who knows what that means "- but made it up" - he can hardly wait and likes to be outside on a discovery tour.

He has also been traveling with his pack in the far north.
Oh, he liked that, because actually he can't do that much with southern temperatures, after all, it makes you so sluggish.

Well, he seems to be very happy and so are we!
Many thanks to you and warm greetings to Spain and the local helpers!

09. Juni 2021

Hello Ute,

Now that Ronja (formerly Ronda) has been with us for 4 weeks, I wanted to send you some feedback.

Ronja has settled in quite well and is a real dream dog: lively outside, happy, attentive, clever and curious. I almost always have her off-leash because she is so reliable. At home she is totally inconspicuous, calms down well and has us all wrapped around her finger with her gentle and loving nature.

She didn't get the name Ronja Räubertochter (Robber's Daughter) for nothing; don't let mummy leave food unattended anywhere...:-))))

In this sense, many greetings from Nora, Ronja and the rest of the gang.

Note: If you go to Ronja's picture, you can see more pictures of her new home below.

27. Februar 2021

Hello Mrs. Hübner,

We would like to get in touch with you about Dante (previously Dandy). The little man has settled in super, he has learned in the short time quickly and much, what concerns the life in the house. He is doing great except for 1-2 small problems, but we are getting a handle on that. He has his first appointment with the doctor on Thursday and then it should be uphill for him with the little things.

We are very happy with the little guy and would like to thank you again that everything worked out so well and quickly and especially that we got the chance to give him this new and quiet life.

With kind regards

Marcel, Jasmin, Tesia, Bonnie and Dante

31. Januar 2021

Hello from Chewbacca (formerly Bongo),

I wanted to give you a sign of life from me and tell you how I have settled into my new home...

Like my brother Bingo, I had difficulties at the beginning with all new people and barked at them.

After some time it is not so bad for me anymore but I still don't want to be touched by everyone and my mistress says I don't have to :-)

I have made many dog friends and live with an old dog lady who I love to tease, which keeps her fit, says my owner.
I love my stuffed animals and what I enjoy most is playing with the ball and retrieving it.

But the best thing is ... I have my own cat who loves me very much and I sometimes kick her out of my basket or we sleep in it together.

Everyone likes me here and accepts that I am a shy boy.

I have now discovered the snow for myself and what can I say, it's a great thing to run and romp through it, but afterwards it's also nice to rock the couch and enjoy the open fire.

I send you my warmest greetings and a big thank you for letting me come here.

Oh yes and my mistress and master also say thank you very much that you have placed such a treasure with them.

See you soon your Chewbacca Thomas & Tamara

31. Januar 2021

Hello, it's Toby.

Actually I am a Podenco, but there is something else in it, because I lose quite a lot of hair, that one could form as still a 2nd dog from it :) .

In May 2020 I came to my new family in Alsace. I had no problems in my new family to arrive. The food change was only a little difficult and the cleanliness in the house was also difficult for me the first weeks.

But now I only do my emergency toilet outside.

In the meantime I can stay home alone for a few hours, it took me a long time to learn that.
My favorite activity, as my name also reveals is "romping" - Toby.

I live in a nice house with a big garden, a little paradise for a dog's soul. There I have a lot of space to play and I am the biggest, although I am small, because nobody can pass me easily.

First I scare them by barking at them, then I jump like a kangaroo through the area and am happy about every visit and then I demand my strokes from everyone. If I don't get any, then I make mischief until I get attention again. Sometimes I hide under my blanket, mess up my basket, shake my blanket and see what else I can do - sometimes to the chagrin of my masters :), but they love me anyway.

I have been allowed to try out the dog school, because I still have big problems in making contact with other dogs. On the leash I do not get along so well with other dogs. In addition, I always want to play and can not accept the boundaries. Of course, this doesn't make it easy for me, but I hope to be able to go back to school soon to improve my social behavior. When other dogs come to my house, I sometimes share my place and my bones with them.

I have lots of resting places, toys and chewing bones which I always hide in the garden. As you can see I am doing well, I am very playful, but I still have a lot to learn.

Until next time, your Toby.

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09. Januar 2021

Hello everyone, this is Bingo.

My home is just great, I feel really comfortable here.

In the beginning, however, especially my master needed a lot of patience with me.

My reference person was my mistress. My master started to lure me with treats. So it worked with all in my family.

Nevertheless, the men in my family were not quite creepy to me even then. Especially my 2 "grandpas", the fathers of my mistress and my master. It took me a long time to stop barking at them.

But now I am happy with all of them.
Now it goes me top here and all love me.

Now in the cold season I love to lie in front of the fireplace when it is on. I like it when it is warm. Mistress and master always say I am a sun dog.

But now I would like to say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to Claudia and Michael Mellert that you made it possible to place me here in Germany. Without you it would not have been possible.

So make it good. Your Bingo with my mistress Desiree and my master Fabian.

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30. Dezember 2020

Hello dear Ute,

Tuc has settled in well with us in such a short time! He loves his new basket and my sister's old stuffed horse Amadeus. He doesn't want to sleep without Amadeus...

He is also not averse to music and art and he and the cats are slowly but surely forming a peaceful co-existence, who knows, maybe soon friendship?

Kind regards
Manuela and Ellinor

Note: If you click on Tuc's photo, you will also get to see some pictures in his new home.

13. Dezember 2020

Hello dear ones,

I also wanted to get in touch with you from my new home. Since 7 weeks I live now with my two mistresses and my dog friend Lotte.
The beginning with Lotte was sometimes hard I had to fight for her affection. The old lady can sometimes be quite bitchy if you disturb her. But in the meantime we cuddle together and play games. We are both fighting games fans. I have discovered my love for stuffed animals, which I carry around the apartment.

My mistress is really proud of me because I am losing weight so nicely. I have become really sporty and have built up a condition. Sometimes my mistress goes jogging with us, I can keep up well and it is fun for me. But most of all I like to chase mice outside, a real ratonero. Food is still one of my hobbies and tastes excellent here. Although they think I'm stupid and don't realize that Lotte gets more than I do, well... I also don't lack cuddles (of which I never get enough). At night I cuddle up to my mistress, I would love to slip into her. Lotte also cuddles up to us, my mistress already jokes that the bed is getting too small. I think it's just right that way contact makes lying happy :-)
When our mistress is at work we can cuddle with our substitute mistress and get lots of love there.
Unfortunately we could not go to the dog school yet but I am already registered. Let's see how that will be... Sometimes I don't like to let other dogs near us. I have to protect my ladies at least I act like that from time to time. My mistress shows me where to go and I usually parry ;-)
I am really happy to have got such a home. Everybody is nice to me and showed me what is "right" and what is "wrong". I leave the garbage cans in peace even if they still smell so good. Staying alone is still difficult for me despite Lotte at my side. When my mistress comes, she is really stormed by us. It's your own fault who leaves the pack and has to pay for it.
I send you a few pictures and a video in which I play with Lotte extensively, one of our favorite activities :-)

Many greetings from your Mojo

13. Dezember 2020

Dear animal friends Europe, dear Ute

I am your Mimosa (here all call me Mimi )
A week ago (5.12.20) I arrived here in this kaaaaaaold Germany and have frozen terribly. No wonder because I have not a gram of fat on the ribs. My new owners have packed me in blankets and a winter coat I also got. The food here is great and I get along with my new sister Jenny, a Maltese bitch. I am 8 months old and Jenny 12 months , so just the right playmate. Jenny always asked me to play, so I quickly forgot my homesickness for mommy and my three siblings. My master takes me and Jenny for nice walks in the woods every day, so our noses have a lot to do. So in short I am doing suuuuuuuuper!

My mistress says she wants to say thank you for your work, how it all went! Very great ! That's why she sent out a membership application, because she says that we have to support you in your work. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and stay healthy!
Greetings your Mimi

02. Dezember 2020

Hello dear Mrs. Hübner

Today I would like to tell you how I am doing since I found a new family.
I am on a different tour every day and it is a lot of fun.

And with my other friends I also get along very well (cats).

It is nice to meet and see new friends again and again.
On tree that is me and I look for a squirrel.

I wish you further all the best

Best regards
Your Cristal (now Candy)

Also best regards from me
Jutta Zimmermann

01. September 2020

Dear Ute,

I am to give you Patricia's warmest greetings.

We have been together for a month now and I must say that you have chosen a very nice environment for me! Patricia spoils me very much, gives me endless strokes (sometimes she exaggerates) and goes for a walk with me several times a day at the Dreisam. I have also got to know many of the neighbouring dogs and with Frieda we usually go for another walk around the house around 8 pm to see that everything is in order.

Then I can run extensively and organise races with Frieda. And just imagine, since about 1.5 weeks I have been running without a leash. Patricia has treats with her, which she rewards me with when I follow her call ... o.k., when I'm sniffing around extensively ... unfortunately I don't see or hear anything anymore, but she's not angry and calls and calls and whistles with patience until I remember the treats, which I quickly pick up as a matter of course.

And in the great heat I have discovered the advantages of the Dreisam. First of all I slack off my thirst and finally I go very carefully into the water with my four paws, because it cools down so nicely ... at the moment the Dreisam is fuller again and I have to be careful not to fall in (hi,hi).
I will send you a few photos and hope you are happy to hear from me.
Best regards to you and your dog friends, who I thought were really nice when I was with you!

See you soon
Your Sacha

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