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Portrait Nombre: Flor
Raza: Mestizo
Sexo: Hembra
Fecha de nacimiento aproximada: 12.2020 (4 meses de edad)
Tamaño aproximado: aktuell 23 cm - wird um die 45 cm groß
Lugar de estancia: La Ginesta/Tarragona

Name: FLOR
Race: mixed breed
Gender: female
Date of birth approximately: 6.12.2020
Current size: 23 cm - 45 cm
Whereabouts: La Ginesta/Tarragona

Little FLOR, just two and a half months old, was walking all alone on a country road where Isabel spotted her on her way to the vet.
She stopped, of course, and looked around the area to see if there might be a person or Flor's mother with other siblings. But there was no person or dog to be seen, only cars driving past Flor.
When she arrived at the vet, she immediately had the poor little soul checked. FLOR was dewormed and got her first vaccination. As we know, puppies without vaccination are very susceptible to diseases, especially distemper. So Isabel decided to give FLOR to a foster family for a few weeks until she has developed enough defenses before she is allowed to go to the Refugio.
Like all puppies, FLOR is a sweet representative of all and you just have to love her. She loves to play, still sleeps a lot and is recovering from her experience of being abandoned and is now waiting for her happiness.

Isabel would like to find her a family who will give her a lot of love and attention and where she can grow up happily. She still wants and needs to learn a lot. Maybe she is already dreaming of a warm bed and walks with lovely people.

If you are interested in the little one, you are welcome to contact his contact Bettina Thoma.

Bettina Thoma (Lénguas: Aleman, Inglés)
Móbil: 01727589333