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Associació Berguedana

Associació Berguedana 086600 Berga/Barna

"Berguedana Animal Protection Society" in 08600 Berga/Barcelona, Casa Nova de Cal Gata.
Registered non-profit association, founded in September 1990, with our Carme from Berga as its main protagonist, who is still involved with heart and soul.

Our radius of action is the entire district of Berguedá, which consists of 31 municipalities whose capital is Berga, with 17,000 inhabitants.
It is a small region, but with many hunters and farmers (orchards, vegetable gardens, tree gardens), where a large number of animals live, very often in the worst conditions.

Our animal welfare association is a private association, with two permanent employees and 12 volunteers, we are not a "perrera" (municipal collection point for trapped animals), but an animal welfare association whose land and buildings are privately owned.
Direct volunteers take turns in taking care of the walks with the dogs and also of the cats that are accommodated, which are entertained with games. Of course the volunteers also help with cleaning the cat boxes, for example.

We have a contract with all 31 communities in the district which authorises us to accept all abandoned dogs in these communities into our facilities. The accepted dogs are presented here in the social media, in case they are wanted by their owners.
After 21 days, according to the law, we can publicly present the dogs and cats with photos and character information to find adopters for them. Our dogs and cats are handed over in perfect hygienic and health condition, vaccinations, test, castration, chip and blood analysis.
According to the entry in the register of "Animal Protection" (Núcleo Zoológico) we have a capacity of 27 dogs and 30 cats.

The maintenance of our association is more or less taken care of by the contracts with the city councils, donations from members (about 160 members); we have a teaming group, spontaneous donations from our supporters, both material and monetary, as well as a great help from Germany (e.g. Tierfreunde Europa e. V.).

Our daily work is from Monday to Sunday; in the morning we clean and disinfect your huts (refugio), prepare food, administer medicine, carry out necessary treatments, etc. In between, a few dogs are taken out for a walk.
In the afternoon we have open doors for our volunteers, adopters, consultation hours, etc. While our volunteers roam the mountains with the dogs, the workers are busy cleaning the kitchen, offices, cat rooms, toilets, brushing the animals and other services.
We have a Facebook page, are in Instagram and a teaming group.
(We are currently in the process of setting up a website).

We have an apartment with two beds for two people for volunteers from other countries. Mainly Germans come to us to help.
Regarding the volunteers from other countries, we prefer that they are serious or already known persons. We also rely on our partners in Germany, to whom you are welcome to contact us.

It is also important to mention our school project:
We visit schools in the villages and explain there what an animal welfare association is and what work it does. We try to encourage young people to respect animals and nature in general. This work is very satisfying and the reaction of the young people is good - we hope that it will lead to a change of thinking in the Catalan population.
There are also groups coming directly to the Refugio, where they are shown all the animals and installations.
At the end of the visit we have a question and answer session with comments.
In the last two years there has been something positive; many schools have chosen us as an organisation to donate money that children and young people have previously raised at various markets to sell home-made products.
This is always great and we are very happy about the
At the moment we are working in the city of Berga and we are preparing identity cards for the people who are authorized to feed the street cats in order to control the cat colony and to learn more about this subject.
It is not only possible to feed the cats, because they will multiply even more - it is absolutely necessary to provide for a coordinated castration, so that the number of cats is greatly reduced.

We would be very pleased if you would support our work. You are welcome to use the club account of Tierfreunde Europa e. V. for this purpose.

Pet Lovers Europe
IBAN: EN83 6001 0070 0969 1397 09

Of course all donations are always transferred 1:1 to the animal shelter in Berga.

The team of Associació Berguedana

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