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In preparation: ACDA will become an active partner as soon as the construction work is completed and the first protégés move in


The history of the non-profit animal protection association ACDA

The association was founded 30 years ago (as of May 2024) by a few women. The association currently has 170 members, but only 4 people are the driving force behind it. Of course, their work is unpaid, i.e. voluntary in their free time. Isabel, the president, has been a person with a “heart in the right place for animals” since she was a child. And when she moved from Madrid to Cáceres for work, her work for the animals became even greater... Isabel took in her first abandoned dog and decided to get even more involved.
She initially worked with various municipal animal shelters and killing stations, offered solutions and looked for adopters for the animals at home and abroad in order to give as many animals as possible a nice home.
The commitment took more and more shape: First, Isabel and her colleagues rented kennels to rescue dogs from awkward situations. The Power Ladies later managed the municipal animal shelter in the city of Cáceres for 12 years until the city council decided in 2012 to change agreements that made helping extremely difficult. This is how ACDA was born in its current form.
With the help of local partners and international and national donations, the association saved money for many years and saved countless animals because it was important to create a good foundation for future work.
A separate animal shelter was therefore necessary. In Spain, too, building permits are a bureaucratic effort. But this hurdle was also overcome by ACDA. Now they are about to open the animal shelter... including all the high requirements that the community and the local veterinary office have imposed.
The construction and the associated expansion of the Protectora is a project of the heart that is not just limited to saving animals... the approximately 5 hectare area is also intended to be a place for encounters - meetings, conversations, school visits, information events, etc. should take place there.

Despite saving so far, there is still a debt of more than €30,000. It's not just the increased raw material prices that are negative factors. It has now become clear that the well water is not of the quality it should be. A special facility must therefore be installed to prepare the water for use. Of course, these are further obstacles on the animal shelter's path, but Isabel and her team don't give up and want to overcome this new hurdle, like so many before. They want to create a place that will last for animals and people for many generations to come.

On the Spanish homepage you will find further information about the organization itself, the team, the statutes of the association's accounts and the many activities such as school visits, charitable auctions and visits to the retirement home.

You can see further information and many pictures of the construction progress here:


If you would like to support ACDA's association or construction project financially, you will find 2 bank details here:
Tierfreunde Europa e. V.
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c.) You are also welcome to go on a “shopping spree” for ACDA and buy some things from the Amazon wish list. You can find the corresponding link here:
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