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Quinta Dos Cães, Lagoa, Portugal

We are a privately run animal shelter and registered organization based in Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal. "Quinta Dos Cães" (literally "Dog Farm") was started over ten years ago as a project of the heart by founder Gisela.
Since then, the team of the Quinta has made it its business to take in animals from emergency situations and municipal animal shelters (in which some of them have already spent many years) and to provide them with medical care, in order to later place them in Germany, the Netherlands and England via three different animal welfare organizations. In the past, hundreds of dogs could be given a new life.

We are not an animal shelter in the classical sense, but have the possibility to keep the dogs in a very species-appropriate environment - namely on the spacious fenced yard - free running and with numerous social contacts to other dogs as well as different people. Usually there are about 50-70 adult dogs and numerous puppies on our premises at the same time.
A big part of our work is also to have bitches spayed or neutered that remain in Portugal to exclude them from continuing to reproduce. This also includes offering help to local dog owners to help themselves.

- Are usually well socialized by living together in a pack.
- are closely supervised by the veterinarian cooperating with us
(weekly visit to the doctor on the farm).
- are chipped & wormed.
- are - if old enough - neutered.
- are tested for the common diseases and receive, if necessary.
appropriate medication.
- are tested for compatibility with cats if desired.
- are described in detail for the placement, photographed and put into interaction for
interaction for video recordings.
- travel to Germany with traces and vetted transport partners.