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Financial Help

Animal Friends Europe and their partner animal shelters are always dependent on donations so that we can mainly help the animals on site, because the Spanish and Romanian non-profit animal welfare organizations receive almost no support from the state or the cities.
Only in a few individual cases are costs borne or annual subsidies paid.

In Spain as well as in Romania the pererras (urban animal shelters) are there, which are mainly financed by the cities.
If these urban animal shelters are too full, they are killed.

This is where our tireless partners come in, all of whom work voluntarily and free of charge to help the dogs and cats.
If the animals are taken out of the urban "care", money is urgently needed to trigger the perrera and veterinary care, because many of these animals have become ill from poor care.

Again and again we send feed or other relief goods to the animal shelters directly from Germany. B. makes Zoo Plus possible.
The feed is cheaper in Germany, e.g. B. in Spain.

We would be very happy if you could help the animals.

Please use the following account for donations:

Tierfreunde Europa e.V
IBAN: DE83 6001 0070 0969 1397 09

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