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❤️ Dear animal lovers! ❤️

We want to dedicate this article to you alone - you who are always there for us when one of our shelters sends an S-O-S. Unfortunately, this happens more often in the last months... more abandoned dogs, unplanned surgeries, increased food and vet costs... all this leads to the money slipping out of our fingers even in Spain. Our long-term partner shelter Al-Bayyasa in Baeza has been hit particularly hard this time.

As the saying goes "if you have shit on your shoe, you have shit on your shoe"... and that's exactly what happened to our good soul Teresa. One bad news has followed the next. Chiping the new arrivals was not cheap, two dogs with cancer had to be redeemed and then the Refugio was broken into and the last food supplies were stolen!

In a short but intensive action we organized huge amounts of food for dogs and cats, which we quickly sent to the shelter in Andalusia by forwarding company. A proud 440 kilos showed the volunteers that they are not fighting for the animals alone!

Teresa was overwhelmed, had tears in her eyes from emotion and can only say "Muchas Gracias"!

Special thanks this time to the Futteroase in Kenzingen, Thorsten for providing the logistics, the donation professionals Gudrun and Klaus, the power women Ingrid and Lisa, dog mom Bettina and to the super foster Marissa.

If you click on the picture you will see more pictures and videos of the food donations.

Ariane Thoma (1. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
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