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Portrait Name: Eros
Race: shepherd-mix
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 10.2022 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 48 cm
Residence: Pflegestelle in Südbaden

Name: Eros
Race: shepherd-mix
Gender: male, castrated
Date of birth: circa 12.10.2022
Withers: about 48 cm
Weight: estimated 14 kg
Whereabouts: Foster home in Südbaden

Update vom 26.07.2023:
Eros is not only visually a racing car among the young males. He also has decent horsepower, which he tries to put on the road at every opportunity. Not only physically, but also mentally. He is passionate, open-minded, curious and quite clever. If you don't occupy yourself with him in a meaningful way, he comes up with all kinds of mischief, which you can't use at all in everyday life and for a harmonious coexistence. It is therefore high time that he finds sporty, consistent and determined people with a healthy stomach and tact, who not only really want to work with him, but also have enough time. There is definitely a lot of catching up to do in terms of manners, reliability and composure.

Until now, Eros has more or less lived the life he liked and unceremoniously made up his own rules. Unconcerned, quite aloof and little reflected. This may sound exciting and enviable at first, but it is not very conducive to a carefree partnership. Therefore, we are looking for someone who can guide Eros' unbridled motivation into regulated channels - of course with understanding, empathy and indulgence, but also with clear rules, taboos and announcements.

Update vom 15.07.2023:
EROS is a dog for people who like to move, who want to train with their dog and who want to do a lot with their dog, so no couch potatoes. With enough exercise and consistent training he will be a great companion. A family with small children is not suitable for him, because he is very impetuous. He is best suited for people who have dog experience. Since Eros is still young, it is very important for him to attend a dog school.

Update vom 07/13/2023:
EROS is now on a foster home in South Baden and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

Eros was cowardly abandoned in a plastic bag in 2022 together with his litter sister. The two dogs were adopted and this was supposed to be the happy ending... but life very often plays unfair! Unfortunately, Eros' family has to give up the young male dog for personal family reasons. And so we are looking this way for a new forever home!

We can only say positive things about the young male, he is a great dog all around! Eros has grown up in a family full of love and shows himself very loyal to his caregivers. He also shows himself very social to other dogs, be it female or male.

For Eros we are looking for a family with their heart in the right place and a little bit of bumblebee in their butt, as Eros loves exercise. Almost certainly, attending dog school would also bring him great joy!

His mediator Verena Stobel is looking forward to your call, email, SMS or WhatsApp!

Eros travels neutered, chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed and equipped with EU pet passport into his new life!

Verena Strobel (Languages: German)
Mobile: 0173-9930437