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Portrait Name: Nano
Race: mixed breed
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 12.2021 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 32 cm
Residence: 79261 Bleibach

Name: Nano
Breed: mixed breed dog
Gender: male
Date of birth: estimated 15.12.2021
Withers: about 32 cm
Weight: about 7,5 kg
In the shelter since: 15.07.2022
Whereabouts: Refugio of the animal welfare organization Al-Bayyasa, Baeza, Andalusia (Spain)

Nano is a heart on four paws, full of love and confidence! This is not a matter of course, especially if you know his past. The young male did not have a good home, actually you can't call it home at all, at most a shelter.
Nano was rescued from very bad circumstances. His former master mistreated him. The latter had serious mental problems and suffered from animal-horning and Messi syndrome, among other things.
But it almost seems like Nano appreciates the good much more after all the negative. Volunteers joke that soon his little tail will fall off...he wags it like crazy all day. Every cell in his body is made of pure gratitude and joy. He gets along great with all the dogs at the shelter, male and female alike. And as soon as he has a toy in his paws, the party begins: He runs, shakes, plays and jumps as if there were no tomorrow.
He loves especially the two-legged women in the Refugio, which is why he is nicknamed Gentleman.
On the harness he runs like a little model pupil, although he has most likely not known it for long. We are sure that this young man will give many happy moments to his adopters....

Lisa Posas is already looking forward to their calls, emails and WhatsApp messages!

Nano, like all our dogs, travels to a new life chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5 times), dewormed, tested for Mediterranean diseases and equipped with EU pet passport!

Lisa Posas (Languages: German)
Mobile: 0177-9297557