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Update vom 03.08.2022:
❤️Hello dear animal friends! ❤️
We are very touched by the many calls and emails we have received regarding Mali. Together we have made it! The surgery costs have been covered! Teresa's heart was lifted when we told her the good news.
Thanks a million, you guys are the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Attention! The pictures in the attached appeal for donations show consequences of accidents!

Animal welfare work is a very tedious job - our dear Teresa can sing a song about that. Often it is a fight against windmills and sad because you can not save all.
Mali, the little sweet kitten was found in a very bad condition by Teresa in a district of Baeza (Andalusia). The little one was one of the countless stray kittens. Many would have simply passed by - but of course not Teresa. Although the shelter and also her home is fully occupied Mali found a place with her.
The kitten is estimated to be 2.5 months old (as of July 2022) and most likely had a car accident. Thereby her eyeballs jumped out of her head Unfortunately, these are no longer salvageable and cause pain to the kitten. At the moment a vet nurse is pawing the little creature, because the operating doctor needs a higher body weight for the upcoming surgery. We have already promised Teresa to contribute to the costs in the amount of 700,00 EUR according to the cost estimate. Would you also like to contribute a donation?

We as well as Teresa would be very happy.
If you do not agree with the publication of your name, please indicate "anonymous" in the purpose of use. For donations up to 200,00 EUR a bank statement is sufficient for the recognition at the tax office. Klaus Schnee will gladly acknowledge donations above this amount. A short message to him is sufficient. Of course, all donations will be forwarded 1:1 to the Al-Bayyasa animal shelter. We will be happy to keep you informed about the progress of the surgery and the hopefully speedy recovery of the kitten in this article.

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