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Yesterday was the time again. A few days ago, a transport of the Animal Friends Europe took place again. We use this chance again to send the many donations in kind from our adopters, supporters and our association to the south. This trip took our dear Lydia to Mora la Nova to the animal shelter CanFlix & Ampare. This time she had to prove strong olfactory nerves, as we loaded lots of chewables. These are cheaper in Germany through our source of supply than in Spain....

Georgina was very happy and sent us this mail:

¡Hoy es un gran día de buenas noticias! Y es que no solo encontramos tres maravillosas familias en Alemania para tres de nuestros perros, ¡sino que el transporte volvió con la furgoneta llena de donativos que nos llegan desde Alemania!
Nos han preparado un cargamento entero lleno de camitas para perro, piscinas, chuches y masticables, así como correas y collares. Nos va a venir todo genial, y los perros que no han tenido tanta suerte como nuestros tres peques viajeros os lo agradecerán un montón. Así, la espera a su futura familia se hace un poquito más llevadera.
Millones de gracias a Tierfreunde Europa y a todas aquellas personas que desde la distancia no han dudado ni un minuto en colaborar con nosotras, aportando su pequeño granito de arena para que este increíble donativo haya sido posible.
Muchas gracias.

English translation
Today is a great day with good news! Not only did we find three wonderful families in Germany for three of our dogs, but the transport came back from Germany with a van full of donations!
They prepared a whole bunch of dog beds, swimming pools, treats and chewables, as well as leashes and collars. Everything will be very useful, and the dogs who were not as lucky as our three little travelers will be very grateful to you. It will make their wait for their future family a little more bearable.
Millions of thanks to Animal Friends Europe and to all the people who, from afar, did not hesitate for a minute to collaborate with us and contribute their little grain of sand to make this incredible donation possible.
Thank you very much!

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