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Portrait Name: Baloo
Race: Siberia Husky
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 09.2020 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 68 cm
Residence: Refugio Turgalium, Caceres,

Name: Baloo
Date of birth: 08/09/2020
Height: 68 cm
Gender: male
Race: Siberia Husky
Location: Refugio Turgalium, Caceres

This great guy is Baloo

Baloo came to the Refugio after a failed adoption from a shelter in Cadiz. The reason for his relinquishment was his separation anxiety (he destroyed furniture). With Baloo you should only start to leave him alone in small steps and if necessary get help.

Otherwise Baloo is - typical for the breed - active, sociable, playful, affectionate and very intelligent. He is compatible with other dogs, but not suitable for living with cats. He walks on a leash, but he pulls and therefore walking is still exhausting, but will surely get better with patience and lots of practice.

If you can imagine giving Baloo a new home with lots of activity and cuddles, then please contact Ariane Thoma - his contact person.

Baloo is neutered, his MMK test is negative. He will be fully vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and EU-passport.

Ariane Thoma (1. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0176-46659311