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Portrait Name: Loki
Race: Malinois (Belgian shepherd dog)
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 11.2021 (2 years old)
Approximate Height: aktuell 55 cm, wird ausgewachsen geschätzt 60 cm
Residence: Pflegestelle in Süddeutschland

Name: Loki
Breed: Malinois (Belgian shepherd dog)
Gender: male, castrated
Date of birth: 02.11.2021
Withers: currently 55 cm, is estimated to be 60 cm when full grown
Weight: currently 22 kg, will be 30 kg when full grown
Whereabouts: foster home in southern Germany

Update vom 01.11.2023:
Loki is now on a foster home in southern Germany and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

Update vom 16.11.2022:
Actually Loki is exactly what he looks like: a real Malinois. But a Malinois with a handicap. The congenital small nose bend may irritate a bit, but does not diminish his proud charisma or his typical shepherd dog disposition. Loki is athletic, alert and determined - as you would expect from a working dog. But he is also just as affectionate, cuddly and loyal. Something that requires more attention is the enlargement of his esophagus. It hardly restricts him at all, but there are behavioral recommendations that should be followed consistently: 3-4 small meals instead of 1-2 larger ones, absolute rest after eating, soaked food, rewards at best with a liverwurst tube or sometimes with toys, ... it's not witchcraft! Nevertheless, reason should become a constant companion to relieve Loki and his health to a large extent.
Loki loves life and celebrates every walk. The excursion rate in the shelter is definitely too low for his taste, which we can well understand. As a working dog, he wants to be needed, to do everything right, and most of all to use his head. If this becomes too unbalanced, he turns out to be a nerd. With other dogs he is basically very well compatible, nevertheless, he has a single kennel with us in the shelter. The lack of exercise and the lack of work tug at his frustration tolerance and we don't want to provoke any jumping over actions. Loki is housebroken, loves driving, approaches strangers openly and shows no resource defense. To cut a long story short: a really great dog with a soft and affectionate character, but also with a handicap that hopefully won't put a spoke in his wheel when looking for a new home....

Update vom 25.10.2022:
LOKI is now in 79312 Emmendingen and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

Update vom 14.07.2022:
Loki is being treated for his megaesophagia... and lo and behold - the treatment is working great! The enlargement has been reduced by half. The young male eats 3 times a day and is doing very well. We keep our fingers (and paws) crossed that he will be allowed to join the next transport to Southern Germany.

You have to be made of stone not to find a little puppy cute too, right? This "sweetness" was Loki's undoing - he was bought as a small puppy without thinking about the needs of a puppy and especially a Malinois. And so it came, as it had to come. The just happy family wanted to give the puppy back to the "breeder". He was nevertheless more strenuous and more agile than thought...however the salesman was no longer attainable on any way. Probably behind him hid a pure multiplier who had only money in mind and the welfare of the dogs was more than secondary.
Loki was lucky, he was not simply sold in the classifieds column, but brought to Isabel in the shelter. Loki was examined directly at the vet. It revealed that the puppy suffers from a condition called megaesophagia. His disease requires a foreseeable extra effort: drinking and eating is given to him exclusively in an upright position (bowl holder or high chair) and that in 3 meals spread over the day. Too much at once could lead to vomiting. Currently, he is also given a medication to facilitate and accelerate digestion.
Loki is anything but shy. He is a brave, funny and very playful puppy who almost annoys his shelter colleagues with his agility (play requests with barking emphasis). In addition, he is (typical for the breed) very intelligent, inquisitive and loves to run extensively. On the leash, the little tomboy still pulls a little, but he is sure to get over this soon. Even driving a car works without travel sickness.
For Loki we would like an adopter with patience and empathy due to his illness. He should also know which breed-typical characteristics the whirlwind brings along to challenge and encourage him ideally. Can you imagine Loki's golden lot?
Bettina Thoma, Loki's contact person is looking forward to your letter/call.

Loki travels like all our dogs chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed, castrated and equipped with EU pet passport into a new life.

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333