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Portrait Name: Vita
Race: Yorkshire Terrier - Mongrel
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 02.2020 (2 years old)
Approximate Height: 37 cm
Residence: Al-Bayyasa, Baeza

Name: Vita
Race: Yorkshire Terrier - Mongrel
Gender: female, spayed
Date of birth: estimated 14.02.2020
Withers: 37 cm
Weight: 7 kg
In the shelter since: 14.02.2022
Whereabouts: Refugio of the animal protection association Al-Bayyasa, Baeza, Andalusia (Spain)

When you look at the pretty Vita like this, you can't imagine what the little one already had to suffer in her short life.

Vita was roaming around for days near a kindergarten in Ubeda. A municipal employee saw the stray dog and contacted the animal shelter Al-Bayyasa. Promptly she could be caught... and there her rescuers also saw her enormous injuries in her mouth. The severe injuries were probably caused by kicks or blows. Within a few days, due to good veterinary care and the care of the volunteers, Vita recovered very quickly.

We assume that Vita is a mixed breed of Yorkshire and Cairn Terrier.

This is reflected in her behavior and when we walk her. Vita is full of energy and vitality and walks very confidently. She is very attentive and likes to play "the little strong one" to other dogs - so typical terrier!

Can you imagine being Vita's lucky dog? Vita travels like all our dogs chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed, tested for Mediterranean diseases, spayed and equipped with EU pet passport into a new life.

Her mediator Bettina Thoma is looking forward to your call or letter!

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333