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Portrait Name: Duque
Race: Perro de Agua Español
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 07.2021 (11 months old)
Approximate Height: 45 cm
Residence: Pflegestelle Tierheim Armantes, Calatayud

Breed: Perro de Agua Español
Gender: male, neutered
Date of birth: 01.07.2021
Size: 45 cm, chest 47 cm, neck 30 cm
Test Mediterranean diseases: Negative
Whereabouts: foster home of the shelter ARMANTES, Calatayud

Duque has all vaccinations, is dewormed and chipped - so figuratively he already has his suitcases in his dog paw and is waiting for his departure to Germany!
Duque's story is a story like that of so many carelessly acquired dogs. He was bought by a man for his girlfriend as a gift, because she found him so cute. That's right - Duque looked like a little white teddy bear when he was a puppy. But even teddy bears grow up and do a lot of work! The woman already had an older Yorkshire Terrier who was not at all keen on a rambunctious, playful and cheeky puppy. And even so, Duque made way too much work for her.

He never had the opportunity to run around freely and play with other puppies and dogs. And so it sometimes happened that he did his business in the house after the much too short walks. The lady also did not bother to break him of this habit or teach him anything. Very unfortunate, as he had already shown Duque what a smart little guy he is.
When the volunteers from Armantes shelter met Duque, they quickly realized that Duque is a very affectionate and happy puppy who gets along well with both male and female dogs. He also enjoys playing with children and running around with them. He is really a real gem!

At the vet's office he behaved very well recently and didn't even want to get off the exam table, so much did he enjoy the cuddles and kind words from the vet.
Would you like to give Duque a basket for good? With him a fresh wind will blow through the house and a lot of fun and joy will enter! If you have any questions about Duque, please feel free to contact his contact person Bettina Thoma.

Duque travels like all our dogs chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed, castrated and equipped with EU pet passport into a new life.

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333