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Portrait Name: Paquito
Race: Mixed breed
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 01.2022 (5 months old)
Approximate Height: 40 cm
Residence: Al-Bayyasa, Baeza

Date of birth: 06.01.2022
Height: 40 cm
Gender: male
Breed: mixed breed
Whereabouts: Refugio Al-Bayyasa, Baeza

PAQUITO is a puppy with white-light brown fur, who was found by a volunteer in a field in the cold, alone and disoriented. Paquito let himself be picked up and brought to safety without any problems
At first he was very reserved - due to the new strange environment and the other animals - but as the days went by he lost his shyness and adapted to his new surroundings. Now he is a whirlwind of energy and vitality who does not rest for a moment. As a young dog, he has a very friendly and sweet nature that is not afraid of anything or anyone. Even when it comes to new people or companions, he shows no fear and boldly jumps at the newcomers. Since he is so young, he is always looking for playmates and is tireless to get everyone to play.
Above all Sita has done it to him. As soon as he sees Sita (who also wants to be placed), he runs up to her, jumps on her and asks her to play. The two of them are a very good team that can and will romp incessantly.

The photo session with Paquito was a lot of fun for everyone, as he was constantly jumping around in the grass, playing with the flowers and rolling around in the grass - as all puppies should do. Of course, he is still unaccustomed to wearing a harness and walking on a leash, but like all other dogs, he will learn to handle it and still have fun. Paquito sniffed incessantly, explored his surroundings and felt totally at ease and was sad when he had to go back to his kennel.

It would be great for Paquito if his future family could be found quickly so that he can romp, explore new things and gain lots of experiences that will show him the way to a great doggy life.
If you want to give Paquito all this, please contact Bettina Thoma.

PAQUITO travels like all our dogs chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed, tested for Mediterranean diseases, neutered and equipped with EU pet passport into a new life!

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