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Portrait Name: Aisho
Race: German Bracke - Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 04.2021 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 62 cm
Residence: ARMANTES, Calatayud

Name: Aisho
Breed: german brackish mongrel
Gender: male, neutered
Date of birth: estimated 01.04.2021
Withers: 62 cm, Neck: 40 cm, Chest: 70 cm
Whereabouts: Animal Welfare Association Armantes, Calatayud (Spain)

Aisho is a found dog who ended up in the municipal rescue center - either he was deliberately abandoned or ran away due to gunshot noise. Unfortunately, not a rarity among Spanish hunters, because there the dog is not always considered a family member, but a hunting tool that must serve its purpose.

He is a very active young dog and loves to go for walks, romp and play with other dogs. He does not care if it is a human or a dog, male or female, senior or child - Aisho basically likes everyone who treats him well. Aisho needs to be encouraged and challenged by his future family. He wants to be kept busy, loves to "work with his nose", needs long extensive walks and a lot of security. With great certainty Aisho would have great fun visiting a dog school. Not only to train her nose, but also to learn the little dog basics!

The volunteer ladies at the shelter have already succumbed to his character and honey-colored eyes. Maybe you too? Would you like to give Aisho a home? Aisho travels like all our dogs chipped, vaccinated (rabies and 5-fold), dewormed, neutered and equipped with EU pet passport to a new life. His mediators Gudrun Spany and Klaus Schnee are already looking forward to your inquiries!

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