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Dear animal friends,

We would like to thank you very much for the generous donations that went to the Fundació d'Animals / Reus animal shelter this time.
Many thanks to Lidia and Jesus, who took the donations with them free of charge.

We were able to collect a lot of high quality donations, e.g. B. Food for dogs and cats, toys, new or washed blankets, cat boxes, transport
boxes , bandages, lots of treats, etc. Many of our members as well as some adopters have contributed to this.
Our special thanks also go to the animal aid Spikyranch, who with Karin, Sonja and many other members did their magic again this time and were able to make a lot of great donations.

The employees in Reus were overwhelmed, which Jaume Abella Herreras also expressed in his words below. The German translation is below.

So the dogs and cats already got their presents for Christmas in November.

Your animal friends Europe

Here comes Jaume Abella Herrera's words:

Buenas tardes.

Hoy a llegado Lidia del transporte con los donativos, muchísimas gracias por todo, gracias por tanta generosidad, hemos quedado muy sorprendidos de todo lo que hemos recibido hay muchísimas cosas. Y el vehículo de espectacular, muy bonito y con jaulas muy preparadas y espaciosas.
Cuando Lidia llego llevaba las donaciones dentro de las jaulas de los perros y hemos ido descargando y parecía que no se acababa nunca. Estaba todo el camión lleno desde los premios, mantas, trajes, comida en latas, pienso especifico para perros enfermos, collares, juguetes, camas, material de cirugía, lonas y ropa de para el frio, muy sorprendidos por la cantidad de donaciones que nos han hecho llegar.
Muchas gracias por estas donaciones que nos vienen tan bien, hagan llegar por favor nuestro agradecimiento a todos los donantes.
Con las donaciones tan generosas se percibe la calidez de las personas que están detrás de cada mascota, y las personas involucradas en la mejora de la calidad de vida de los animales.
Muchas garcias a todos¡¡
Adjuntamos fotos de la reception.

El equipo de la perrera de Reus.

In German:

Good day.

Today Lidia arrived with the transport and donations. Thank you so much for everything, thank you so much for the generosity, we were very surprised with everything we received, there are so many things. And the vehicle was spectacular, very beautiful and with very well prepared and spacious cages.
When Lidia arrived she carried the donations into the dogs' cages and we unloaded them and it seemed like it would never end. The whole truck was full of treats, blankets, suits, canned food, special food for sick dogs, collars, toys, beds, surgical supplies, tarpaulins and clothing to protect against the cold. We were very surprised at the amount of donations we received.
Thank you for these donations, which are so useful to us. Please pass on our thanks to all donors.
With such generous donations you can feel the warmth of the people who stand behind every animal and the people who are involved in improving the quality of life of the animals.
Many thanks to everyone!
You will find photos of the reception in the appendix.

The team of the Refugio von Reus.

Ute Hübner (in Gedenken an die Gründerin des Vereins) (Languages: )