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Portrait Name: Casper- jetzt Nino
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 10.2014 (9 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 55 cm
Residence: Tierheim in Reus

Name: Casper - now Nino
Race: mixed breed
Gender: male
Date of birth: 29-10-2014 (was determined by the vet)
Test for leishmaniasis: negative
Castration: yes
Shoulder height: 55 cm
Lives in the shelter of Reus since 2018.

Update vom 23.05.2023:
Hello dear ones,

Nino (formerly Casper) is now 3 1/2 months with me and it feels like it was already 3 1/2 years, so fast and well he arrived in his new life.
Also the first vacation on the Swabian Alb we had already together in May.
He has already lost quite a bit of weight and likes to be outside a lot. We often go very large rounds, where he is most of the time trotting and of course sniffing, but if it's necessary, for example to keep up with me next to the ropeway, as in the video, is also sometimes a short sprint in it 😄 He enjoys but also the idleness outside in the garden, while I work in the beds.
He has a very funny and clever strategy to cool down: he lets himself sink in slightly deeper water and in very shallow water he just lies down and drinks while lying down.
I am already curious when we will go to the sea together for the first time!

Many greetings
Sabrina & Nino

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Casper was found abandoned and very sad tied to a tree in nirvana. Neither water nor food was there and sooner or later he would have died of thirst under the sun of Catalonia.
Fortunately he was found and now he lives in the shelter of Reus, where he gets along with all people, big and small. Casper is loved by everyone and loves to be petted because he is a gentle and sociable male.
He also has no problems with his fellow dogs. He avoids quarrels.

Our Casper is an intelligent and friendly male who loves to cuddle with the shelter staff.
Unfortunately, he is probably not a dog that jumps right into the eye, because he exercises a distinguished reserve when interested parties come to the shelter. He never pushes himself forward and wants to be the first....
This is probably the reason why he had to spend three years in the shelter and he is such a sweetheart!

Casper would love to fit in with his two-legged friends, because he is just pure love.
Who would like to give him that love back? Please contact Regina Wurth with any questions and she can also contact the shelter.

Regina Wurth (3. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German)
Mobile: 0172-4354293