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Portrait Name: Candela
Race: Bardino Mongrel
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 07.2018 (3 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 57 cm
Residence: Tierheim 79312 Emmendingen

Race: Bardino mixed breed
Gender: female - neutered
Age: 11.7.2018
Shoulder height 57 cm, chest 72 cm, neck 44 cm
Test Mediterranean
diseases : negative Location: Animal shelter 79312 Emmendingen

CANDELA is vaccinated, dewormed and free from parasites.

Candela also has her sad story. She and her puppy were picked up by a man abandoned in the surrounding mountains. He had seen her before, but she always kept her distance and did not want to approach him. One day, when the hunger was so great, she approached and let himself be touched. This man immediately called the town hall to have the two picked up and taken care of. He looked around to see if there were any more pups, but none could be seen.

Our animal shelter works closely with the town hall and we try to socialize the poor four-legged friends in this center for animals (CPA), that is, to get them out of the kennels so that they can move freely on the premises, otherwise they would have to be yours Spending life alone in their kennels without a chance to let off steam or come into contact with other dogs. They are only provided with food and water, pats, sweet words or a treat, they don't know that. We are there to give them all of this, especially lots of affection, what they need most.

When we met Candela, she was quite restless and nervous because she had her black puppy with her, as you can see in a photo. Both together in a kennel of only 5x3 m, and Candela barked at all the dogs that approached her kennel to protect their puppies, but we were allowed to touch her puppy. At first we just took the two out of the kennel and let them run freely on the grounds, which of course they enjoyed.

Now the pretty dog ​​was allowed to come to 79312 Emmendingen, where you can also visit her by arrangement.

Candela is very people-oriented and likes to come to people to get their cuddles.

Candela needs a loving family who can show her what life is like in a house. Since she is very smart, she will learn very quickly how nice it is to be a member of the family. She needs the security and love of a family and lots of cuddles, which she only got to know from us. Of course, she also likes to be a constant companion on walks. Candela is a good dog and one day she will be the best friend you could ever want.

She doesn't know a home, she spent her short life exposed and left to her fate in the mountains. Who knows what she had to endure in that time. The examination showed that she is very healthy and learns quickly what is taught to her at her age. Attending a dog school would be a good idea.
Who would like to give Candela a chance to start a new life in a loving family.

Canela is mediated by Regina Wurth, who you are welcome to contact if you are interested.

Regina Wurth (3. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German)
Phone: 07807-9566940
Mobile: 0176-32960467