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Help for a found dog from our partner shelter Albayyasa

The ALbayyasa team caught a bitch who was apparently abandoned. We were allowed to give her the name GLORIA and we hope that it will bring her luck.
The poor girl is in a very bad condition and urgently needs to be presented to the vet.
A number of analyzes have to be made there so that the mouse can be helped - the photos speak for themselves ...

As always, money plays an important role, of course, because the vet naturally wants to be paid for his diagnostic expenses, which are not cheap either.

Of course we know that the need in Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia is huge, but we still dare to start an appeal for donations for this bitch.
Every euro counts and, as always, we work transparently on our side and will list every donation there.
Since we are a non-profit association, donations can also be stated in the tax adjustment.

Tierfreunde Europa
IBAN: DE83 6001 0070 0969 1397 09

You can use this account to make a donation and we will then transfer all of the money to Spain.

Thanks a million to the team from Albayyasa, the animal lovers Europe and if they could, Gloria would surely do the same.

UP-Date of August 17, 2021:

The following animal friends contributed to the cost of Gloria's visit to the vet:

Bettina Thoma € 50
Anja Giiesen € 50
Silke Feustel € 100
Johanna Rotter € 20
Sieglinde Schindler € 50
Regina Wallce € 20
Bodo Schwandt € 50
Internat. Association of opponents of animal experiments € 150

Mil gracias says the team at our partner shelter in Baeza!

Elli Schlicht (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0171-4064725