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Portrait Name: Dobby
Race: Shar-Pei mix
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 10.2020 (7 months old)
Approximate Height: aktuell 25 cm, wird geschätzt 50-55 cm
Residence: Tierheim Al-Bayyasa, Baeza, Andalusien, Spanien

Name: Dobby
Breed: Shar-Pei mix
Withers: currently 25 cm, is estimated 50-55 cm
Gender: male
Weight: currently 6 kg, is estimated 20-30 kg
Date of birth: estimated 09.10.2020
Whereabouts: Al-Bayyasa shelter, Baeza, Andalusia, Spain

As so often, Teresa, our animal guardian angel from Baeza, received a call for help that she actually could not have answered due to the limited intake capacity. But the fate of these poor souls in the municipal killing station does not let her go. And so Teresa's will often moves mountains and enables many dogs to survive.

Dobby, along with his 4 siblings and his mother Dakota, were surrendered in the Resur municipal killing center and bought out by the private shelter Al-Bayyasa.

All the puppies survived well what happened. Under the strict eyes of their (lion) mother, the little ones love to romp and show themselves playful, open and friendly. Until the adoption all live together and sheltered in a residence.

Are you interested in giving Dobby a forever home? You are welcome to contact his intermediary Bettina Thoma. The puppy boy travels chipped, 5-times vaccinated and equipped with international pet passport into a new life.

Bettina Thoma (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 01727589333