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Portrait Name: Bowie
Race: Mixed breed
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 04.2020 (2 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 24 cm, wird ca. 50 cm
Residence: Tierheim Al-Bayyasa (private Pflegestelle), Baeza, Spanien

Name: Bowie
Date of birth: approx. 01.04.2020
Gender: male, not castrated
Withers: currently approx. 24 cm, adult estimated 50 cm
Breed: mixed breed
Location: Al Bayyasa shelter (private foster home), Baeza
-> since 15.05.2020 in his foster family

Here comes Bowie, a puppy as cute as toffee!
Bowie was found wandering the streets of Baeza alone. Afraid but without resistance, he let himself be caught and taken with him.

But his further life almost went wrong - instead of offering the hungry and trembling puppy a safe home, if only temporarily, the Finders brought Bowie to the urban shelter (= killing station).

Fortunately, one of the volunteer "helpers" from the private shelter Al-Bayyasa got this tragedy and got out the helpless puppy without hesitation. Since then, the little one has been living with two other dogs in a foster family and keeps them busy with constant requests to play. Cats are no problem for Bowie either.

Can you imagine offering the brown-black lucky guy a basket forever? Bowie's agent Bettina Thoma will be happy to take your request.

Please note that due to the legal requirements, an exit is only possible from the 4th month of life. Then the puppy boy can start his journey chipped, vaccinated and with his international pet passport in his paws!

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333