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Portrait Name: Aston
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 01.2017 (6 years old)
Approximate Height: 70
Residence: Pflegestelle 79737 Herrischried

Name: Aston
Height: 70 cm
Weight: 55 kg.
Breed: Great Dane X Herd
Guard Dog Hybrid Residence: 79737 Herrischried

Aston was allowed to come to a foster home in 79737 Herrischried, where you can also visit him by prior arrangement.
He is a beautiful, friendly male who walks confidently and calmly through his life.
However, you need strength when you walk with him, because he tries to go his own way.
A dog school would therefore also be a MUST for beginners.
Aston usually doesn't have a problem with his dog friends and loves to play when he finds suitable partners.
He also gets along very well with the two-legged friends and we hope that he will soon find his family.
There are certainly no problems with children whom he cannot run over for all his Friends.

Because of its size, a house with a garden in the country would be great, because it is what they call a "white giant".
A large XXL bed would of course also be necessary.
If you are interested, please get in touch with his contact person Sabrina Bartloff.

Sabrina Bartloff (Languages: German, English, French)