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Name: Estrella
Born: June 22, 2017
Size: approx. 53 cm
Breed: Misching
Closed: female

Location: Spain, Baeza, foster family

Like so many dogs, Estrella was found on the street. She was disoriented and looking for food, water and some love. She begged people, but nobody felt sorry for the mouse.

At some point, Estrella met an animal rights activist who did not hesitate and took the hungry bitch home, away from the street and other dangers.
Estrella relaxed in the basket to sleep after she had finished her food.

There are other dogs living in the family home, with whom Estrella became friends immediately.

Estrella is an attentive loving bitch who is always looking for love and enjoys the pats she gets.
Estrella gets along very well with other dogs, whether male or female, old or young.

Estrella is very friendly and adapts well to her new situation.
The great bitch is already walking well on a leash.
Fortunately for her, only one family is missing now, who can accompany her through life.

If you want to give Estrella a nice home, with lots of love and security, then contact Sabrina Bartloff.

Sabrina Bartloff (Languages: German, English, French)
Mobile: 0176-22270975