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Portrait Name: Gretel
Race: Mixed Race
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 09.2017 (3 years old)
Approximate Height: 65 cm
Residence: Al-Bayyasa, Baeza, Spanien

Name: Gretel
Date of birth: 22-09-2017
Height: 48 cm
Weight: 30 Kg
Gender: female
Mixed race
It is in the shelter.
Gretel is a puppy that can be said, was born under the roof of Albayyasa
Gretel's mother, a beautiful white dog, was rescued from resur because being large animals, they have fewer opportunities to leave, but there was Albayyasa to save her.
She was taken to the shelter and with a totally sweet character and behavior, quiet ... ... well, great.
Soon he caught the attention of other colleagues in the place for how beautiful and good he was …………… ..but it was one day when he arrived at the shelter when he did attract everyone's attention, including us.
That day the shelter was very disturbed and when we met with surprise, we immediately understood why.
She had given birth to two beautiful puppies, which we call Hansel (already adopted) and Gretel.
As it was not the right place to be newborns, they were taken home of a volunteer who opened the great doors of his house for this great family.
Mother and children, they stayed in reception and our volunteer was crazy with them.
Since she was a puppy it has been a clumsy mess …………… I took all the blankets and made them to pieces.
But the volunteer tells us that she has a very particular job, she is a gardener …………………… .All the pots she had in the yard have been pruned and cut by Gretel, she has not left a grass …………. .but even so naughty, our volunteer has spoiled her a lot, taking them every day a good portion of milk with bread, which she put on her boots jjj, jjjjj, Currently it has grown so much that the house has become small and has had to be taken to the shelter, where she is part of the companions who occupy the courtyard and are responsible for monitoring the place.
Keep up with your mischievous things, taking the blankets out to the patio, breaking all the pots we put in to be the most beautiful shelter, but it can't be ............ Gretel keeps working on gardening.
She is also still spoiled, poking her muzzle through the door of the warehouse to steal any sausage that is in its path ………………… we ask a family that needs to prune large gardens, here we have Gretel the specialist, and also comes free Just ask for sausages, is there anyone?

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