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🐶 😼 Donations for CanFlix y Ampare and La Ginesta 😼 🐶 .

Every time Lidia's van comes to Endingen with the eagerly awaited charges, it actually goes back to Spain empty. Actually- because we do not want to let this opportunity pass and transport as many donations in kind as possible. This time, Isabel from La Ginesta and Georgina from CanFlix y AMPARE received the much sought-after delivery of donations from the animal shelters. Our supporters and members did a full job again. This time, in addition to the usual food, we had a special "treat" for our food recipients: the DM campaign "Lust auf Zukunft - 50 Jahre DM" collected quantities of wet food, dry food and treats in addition to the ceremonial 1st place. We were able to load up to the maximum weight. Both animal shelters thanked the animal friends from the bottom of their hearts.

Food costs are a not insignificant financial item of the private Tierheime - and a filled camp means in the reverse conclusion more financial capacities for the rescued quadrupeds!

Also we of the association animal friends Europe thank you most cordially all donors.

❤️Your TEAM Animal Friends Europe❤️

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